What Is Shared Hosting 2021

I’m going to be running you through really quickly what shared hosting is and when you should use it as well as some of the cheapest shared hosting providers and the best ones on the market today now shared hosting

What is shared hosting

let’s just get right into it shared hosting is essentially a type of hosting where your website is hosted on a server that other websites are hosted on as well thus the resources are being

as the name implies shared between the websites essentially what this will do and what this means is that

your website will be sharing resources with a multitude of other websites that are hosted on the same server all of these websites being hosted on this server means that the provider of the hosting plan will be able to charge a lot less

then with other types of hosting plans, however, it will sometimes slow down just depending on the traffic because

if a lot of traffic goes to one type of shared hosting plan or one type you know one specific website then that website will be using a lot of the resources as opposed to you so, therefore, it might bog down and slow your website down a

Who is it for

bit now shared hosting is in my opinion really really good for beginners and website hosting people just getting started and small businesses and other small projects as well

when you’re running a project that isn’t supermassive and you don’t need to worry about it getting a bit slower every once in a while share hosting is 100 the hosting for

you because the prices are incredible because all the resources are shared between the websites and because usually the performance isn’t degraded since most of the times websites on these shared hosting servers

don’t use more than their set amount of resources you have the ability to get a really really really good plan at a fraction of the cost of any

What do I recommend

other hosting types for example one of the best hosting platforms or shared hosting platforms on the market today easily one of the top three of 2021 is hosting

I actually will leave a link to hosting if you want to check them out at a special discount but hostinger can provide their shared hosting plans at top quality for only 99 cents a month essentially what this means is that you’re going to be getting a

shared hosting plan for less than a cup of coffee per month and you can host your website on it with reasonable ease in my opinion shared hosting as

I’ve said is the best for people who aren’t really looking to get a step up who aren’t having a specific niche their website needs to fulfill for example

if your website needs to be up a ton if it needs to have a really really good uptime you might look to get some cloud hosting or something like that but

if in general you don’t really know what you’re looking for and you just want to host a website in my opinion shared hosting is the way to go

that is a quick explanation of what shared hosting is and when you can use it and also of course as I said i will leave some links below to my favorite shared hosting providers of 2021 where you can get special discounts as well so thanks for reading

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