Do you know what is the domain authority of a blog? How do you check it and what are the criteria to improve DOMAIN AUTHORITY of any blog ? e.t.c. If not, then this post has been published for you only.

It is the dream of every blogger that his every post ranks in the top on the first page of Google. This can be the most appropriate result of day and night hard work done by any blogger. But is it so easy to reach that point?

I believe that this is not an easy task at all for any blogger. Not only do important factors like Keyword Research, High Quality Backlinks, On Page SEO work to rank the page, apart from this, many factors of SEO are important to target the post on the first page of Google.

Out of all these SEO Factors, Domain Authority is also a very powerful factor by which the high ranking of any blog is calculated. After starting a new blog of most of the bloggers , how to do SEO, create backlinks , get Adsense Approval? More attention is paid to all these things. The domain authority of the blog gets the attention of very few people.

But this is a very negative point for ranking your blog in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) . It is very important to focus on this. Therefore, you need to understand this in some detail, which today I am going to tell you through this important article that Domain Authority Kya Hoti Hai? Check your blog’s DA (Domain Authority) and some important tips to improve your blog’s DA .

What is Domain Authority in english?

Developed by MOZ, a very popular USA company , Domain Authority is a ranking metric that ensures that how any site will rank in Google? According to Moz, the Domain Authority Scale ranges from 1 to 100 . The higher this scale is, the higher the ranking is in the SERPs and the more quality traffic your site will get.

The lower the DA (Domain Authority) of your site, the lower will be your ranking. This is not a good sign at all for the high ranking of your site. Therefore it is very important that the Domain Authority of your site is very high. Apart from writing SEO Friendly Blog Post, you must also think about DA.

When you create a new blog, its DA is very less in the beginning, which increases with time as your domain gets old.

But is just the old age of your blog or domain name enough to improve the domain authority of the blog ? No, it is not like this at all, apart from this, there are many things that are necessary to boost the Domain Authority of any blog, which will also be discussed further in this post. For now, let us know how much is the DA of your blog, how can you find out?

How to check the domain authority of your blog?

For how much is the Domain Authority (DA) of any blog, there are only a few limited tools available on the Internet, in which Moz open site explorer is the best Domain Authority Checkers Tool which has been officially created by Moz Company only. Here only you have to enter the URL of your site and after that what is the latest Domain Authority (DA Score) of your site, it will come out in front of you.