What is Bounce Rate and how to reduce it

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What is Bounce Rate? What is its importance in SEO, and how to reduce the bounce rate? A blogger should have good knowledge about this. And if you have a blog or website, then you must have known a little bit about SEO. Bounce rate is a part of SEO itself.

what is bounce rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page sessions. When a visitor comes to your site, how long do they stay on your site, and how many pages they open, the bounce rate is the percentage (%) of the average.

If the bounce rate of your blog is very high, then it means that the visitor is not very interested in your site. Or we can also say that visitors do not like your site.

If your blog is new and the posts on your site are also less then having a high bounce rate is not a big deal. Because this happens on the new site.

But if your site is old and there are many posts in it then there can be many reasons for the bounce rate to be high like,

(1) Website design is not good

(2) Slow Loading Speed

(3) Single page site

(4) Low-quality content

There can be many other reasons that the bounce rate of the blog is high. But these is the 4 main reasons for the high bounce rate of the site.

If the Bounce Rate of the site is more than 70% then it is a matter to think about. And you should try to fix it as soon as possible.

If the Bounce Rate of the site is high, then to reduce it, we will have to make some changes on our site.

So let’s know what to do to reduce the bounce rate.

how to reduce bounce rate

There are many ways to reduce the bounce rate of a blog. And the bounce rate of your website is high, then follow the tips given below. And fix the bounce rate of your blog.

Blog Design

If the design of the blog is not good then visitors will not like your site at all. The good design of the blog attracts visitors.

If the design of the blog is not right then visitors will not stay on your blog for long. And it increases the bounce rate of the blog.

So first of all you should design your blog well. And make the color, text, font of the blog user-friendly.

Don’t Use Over Widget

I have seen on many sites that the same widget is added in 3/4th place. If you do this then the visitor has trouble finding the right post.

And they will go away from your site. So always keep only those widgets as much as you need. And remove the rest of the widget. And don’t use any widget twice.

Reduce Blog Loading Time

If the loading speed of the blog is not good then the bounce rate will always be high. So make the blog fast loading.

And if you have more images on your site and the size of those images is more then the loading time of the blog increases. Use images in the blog but never use extra photos.

And always keep the size of the image low, which will make your blog fast loading.

Select Attractive Post Title

Post the Title is housed right and it should be understood by reading which posts.

If the post title is not kept right, then no matter how big and high-quality post you write, then after reading your title, if they do not understand what is on the post, they will not open the post.

So you should always keep the title of the most correct. And always chose an attractive, actionable, title.

Add Other Post Links

If you do not add a link to another post on your new post, then most visitors will not go to your second post. So whenever you write a new post, always add a link to your old post in it.

This will increase the page view of your blog and visitors will also stay on your site for a long time.

Make the readability of the post good.

Readability of the post means when you write the post, then you write your post in a small paragraph so that the visitor can read it easily. And understand the information of that post. Also, use bold italic format on the post.

Write Long Length Articles

Always publish a high-quality post on the blog. And avoid low-quality posts.

That is, whenever you write a post on a topic, you should give complete information about it, so that visitors can get full information. And if you share complete information on the post, then the length automatic of the post will be good.

Don’t Use More Category Or Labels

Always keep the category in the blog the same topic on which your blog is. If you just put his article, then whatever information the visitor wants, he can easily get it.

But if you use useless labels and categories, then the information that the visitors want will be difficult to search and they will go away from your blog.

Don’t put too many ads

If you have too many ads in the blog, then it distracts the readers. So you put limited ads on the blog.

Check Your Sites Broken Links

To reduce bounce rate, check broken links like the 404 error page. Because when a visitor read your post.

And if the links of your other post will show a 404 error then visitors will run away from your blog. Due to which the bounce rate of the site increases. So you check the broken links of your post on the Google search console and use it properly.

Use commenting system

When you write a post on the blog, how did the visitors like your post or if there are any questions, then you should aad the commenting system on your blog to ask them questions?

Which the visitors will be engaged on your blog for a long time.

Frequently Ask Question

What is the Good Bounce Rate for Blog?

Blog’s bounce rate is 26-40% excellent. In which the list of successful websites comes. Then if the average is 41-70% but if the bounce rate of the site is more than 70% it comes in the list of higher than average.

How to check the Bounce Rate of a Blog?

You can check the bounce rate on Google Analytics.

Do blog’s earnings decrease due to low bounce rate?

Yes, if the bounce rate is less then the visitor’s engagement on your blog increases. Which also increases the earning of your blog.

Finally, now don’t forget to tell me what is Bounce Rate is and how to reduce it, how did you like this information? Or if you have any questions then tell me in the comment box below.

I would be glad to help you.

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