What is an SSL Certificate? A Beginner’s Guide For SSL 2021

In this article we will know what is SSL Certificate is and how does it work? If you run a blog or website , should you get SSL certificate for your website or not? What are the benefits of SSL Certificate for any website? Today we will know about all these in detail in this article.

Friends, on the Internet , we keep looking for something new every day and keep reading. Nowadays internet is in the hands of every human being in the form of mobile, in such a way we keep on entering our personal details like our name, email address, username, password etc.

And if we have to make online payment to buy something online, then in this condition then we have to fill the details online up to our Debit Card, Credit Card and Internet Banking.

If you keep reading new information on the Internet every day, then you must have read or heard about Cyber ​​Crime or Hackers at one time or another. So all this, which we put our personal details on the Internet, think if once all this falls in the hands of people who misuse our Banking Details, User ID, Password etc. You can figure it out yourself.

Very few people think seriously about how safe all this personal information is in the world of the Internet. In such a situation, we need some such secure connection on the Internet that can keep all this information securely and which apart from us and the website on which we are sharing this information, any third party. Could not reach Because if our data is not safe then it can be stolen.

To get rid of this problem, nowadays almost all websites or blogs on the Internet use a Secure Protocol which is called SSL Certificate. In today’s article, we will understand in detail that SSL Certificate Kya Hota Hai? And how does this work?

What is SSL Certificate?

Friends, security is a big deal for those working on the internet. Have you ever noticed that the addresses of some websites start with HTTP:// and some websites start with HTTPS://?

Websites whose web address starts with HTTPS:// means that that website has SSL Security. SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”. SSL was invented in the year 1994 by NETSCAPE Communications to further strengthen the security between us and the server on an unsecured network.

SSL Certificate works with two types of Keys, one is Public Key and the other is a Private Key. Together these two keys establish a secure connection between our web browser and web server, through which our personal data such as credit cards, social security numbers, usernames, and passwords, etc. are shared securely. SSL Certificate protects our personal information from falling into the hands of people who commit a cybercrime on the Internet.

Advantages of SSL Certificate? What are the benefits of SSL certificate?

If you install an SSL Certificate on your website or blog, then it has many benefits. The 4 major benefits of SSL Certificate are as follows:

1. Strongest Encryption to Secure Information: The Strongest Encryption to Secure Information:

The main purpose of an SSL certificate is to encrypt the information so that it can be read and understood only by the parties concerned. SSL certificate states that all information about your website or blog is encrypted. All information transferred over an SSL connection is encrypted and there is no way anyone can decrypt your information.

When credit card data and other personal information is transferred between a Web server and a user’s browser, the site will be protected with strong encryption, leaving no room for hackers to intercept the information transmitted.

2. Boost Ranking in Search Results:

A secure website with an SSL certificate helps a lot in getting ranked in Google’s search results. If your website is secured with an SSL certificate and the web URL starts with a secure HTTPS protocol, you will get the benefit of ranking in search results. If the sitemap of your website is not being submitted, then by installing an SSL certificate, the sitemap is submitted easily.

3. Secure Payments to Experience Safe Shopping:

All e-commerce website needs to keep the security of SSL certificate in their website because all e-commerce website mostly takes online payment. Therefore a business website must have an SSL certificate.

4. Increase visitor loyalty to your website: Increase visitor loyalty to your website:

If your website or blog uses an account to log in with personal data, you must have an SSL certificate anyway. If visitors to your site feel that whatever information they put on your website is absolutely safe, then they are more likely to come back to your website again and again.

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I hope that now you have got complete information about SSL Certificate that What is an SSL Certificate in English? Should you get an SSL Certificate for your website or blog or not? What are the benefits of an SSL Certificate? Etcetera. If you still have any questions in your mind then you can ask us in the comment box.

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