What is a search engine?

What is a search engine?

What is a search engine?

No one can work on the Internet without the search engine. A web-based tool is very essential to finding relevant information related to any subject. The search engine is a term given to the activity that helps the user to identify the data he needs. It is also called a program that enables the user to find the information with the help of suggested keywords. Once the keywords are typed in the search bar, a series of documents linked to the keywords appear. The user then is able to click on the right website and open it. Many search engines help the user as they fetch the related results. They spread the web like a spider to fetch documents. Google search is often used. But Google is just one of the programs that identifies the documents. There are other search engines also that optimize the data for the user.

A search engine will ideally index the entire results. The best results come in the first few pages of the web. The lesser likely data is pushed in the other web pages. The average user prefers to get the information from the first page itself. Whether it is Google or any other search engine a particular algorithm is used to detect the results. To explain algorithm simply is the software that decodes the web pages allowing the searches across millions of websites.

A user has to type at least one keyword to determine what is required. The World Wide Web (www) has expanded into multiple websites and it is impossible to find a website without the help of the search engine. Any company that develops a search engine knows the advanced methodology to locate any web address. It is like an internet post office knowing the pin codes of all website

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