VPS vs Shared Hosting Web Hosting Explained

hello everyone aayat here and welcomes back to my channel now in today’s video I’m going to be explaining to you the difference between VPS hosting and shared hosting in a simple and easy to

What is shared hosting

VPS and shared hosting they’re both great and there are differences that I’m going to explain in this article

but no matter which plans you decide to go with I’ve actually got links in the description to my favorite VPS and shared hosts where you can check them out at a special discount so

now let’s go ahead and get started VPS and shared hosting are essentially two different types of website hosting they both provide two different fundamental services and they are

used for different things they are both hosting however but there are some slight differences now the first thing we need to understand is that shared hosting is essentially a

hosting platform where multiple websites share the same amount of resources on a server what this means is that the server will dish out those resources to all these websites

however, if there is a heavy amount of load on a certain website and one website is receiving a lot of traffic the rest of the websites might take a slightly slower load time as a result this

isn’t necessarily bad though because usually this doesn’t happen and shared hosting is easily the cheapest web hosting on the market the cheapest plans is coming around at 99

cents per month which is obscenely cheap and incredibly good quality as well the majority of people who use shared hosting are going to be smaller businesses smaller websites

people who really don’t need that extra step up and who are just getting started as well maybe people who haven’t quite turned a profit yet but shared hosting is usually on the

the general end for smaller-scale projects doesn’t mean that even the small scale projects can be big enough for you though the small scale projects though are usually big enough

for 99 people however, let’s go ahead and

What is VPS hosting

jump into what VPS hosting is now VPS or virtual private server hosting is essentially where you get your own private server with your own specific set amount of data and storage

space and processing power but it’s all virtual what this means is you will get a chunk of a dedicated server but in a virtual format so essentially for all intents and purposes you’re

getting a dedicated server but not the actual hardware instead the computer emulates or simulates that hardware as a virtual private server the name is actually pretty self-explanatory essentially

Benefits of VPS

it is a private server but it’s virtual now the benefits to virtual private server hosting are usually a few numbers one and first and foremost is the performance virtual private server

hosting allows you to customize pretty much everything which means you can make the performance just absolutely awesome you can customize every single thing you need to

make sure your website performs as good as possible unlike shared hosting which usually doesn’t give you root access to the actual server another benefit of VPS server hosting is the

fact that you do get all that customizability which means you can pretty much add any type of cms or really anything else you want to host

Downsides of VPS

if you know how now the two downsides in my opinion to virtual private server hosting are number one obviously the increased price because it is slightly a step up from shared

hosting the price will be increased and the second downside, in my opinion, is that it might be slightly more technical usually the good shared hosting plans are just plugged and play

but VPS hosting can be a slight step up from that so you need to watch out for that and make sure you know how to use VPS hosting in the end though it really just depends on the

scale and the performance and the customizability you need for your website on if you decide to go with VPS or shared hosting I am going to leave a link in below to my

favorite VPS and shared hosts of 2021 so you can actually check them out at a special discount thanks for reading

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