Top 5 Unknown samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Features!

Top 5 Unknown Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Features!


tip 1 who likes timecodes

features work for you and as usual, I will have time codes down in the description so you guys can quickly find the features you care most about and if you guys appreciate video time codes let me know by dropping alike


tip 2 faster app pairs

down below typically when you’re using a split screen view with two open applications you’re limited to just resizing the applications and if you tap the bar

you only get this one option to switch the orientation of the two applications however if you open up your side panel go to settings and you turn on the apps edge

i’m going to go ahead and go back now now if i tap in the middle you’ll get an extra option and this is adding an app pair to your app edge so if i tap this that’s going to shoot over to my app edge if i swipe open now i swipe across to my app’s edge and scroll down you’ll see that

i just added a youtube and twitter pair and as you can see i already have two other app pairs so if i tap one of the other ones you’ll see that it opens those two applications and

i can jump back in and switch to the one i just made and you can see youtube moved back to the top and twitter opened up on the bottom so

if you’re someone who uses this split screen mode often with specific applications this is a great way to save those and

tip 3 hidden popup trick

get back to them quickly while we’re talking about the app’s edge there’s one more thing that a lot of people don’t know about so if open

it back up instead of just tapping an application if you long press an application you can then just drag it to the top and open it in a split screen view mode but something else you can do is long press and drag it to the center and you can open that up in a pop-up window

that is movable and also resizable this is excellent for the calculator and i actually use this feature a lot the window can also be minimized into a little bubble

which is similar to the facebook messenger bubble at any time you can just tap it to open it back up and

if you tap these two squares you can change the transparency of it as well so especially with the calculator if you want to see something behind

it you can drop the transparency and you can still interact with the application but you can also see what’s behind it and if at any point you want this application to be full screen you just tap this little box here and that’ll put it either into split screen view

if you’re already in split screen view when you tap that button or it’ll open it up completely if you’re not already in split screen view this feature is also incredible for social media applications so

if i go ahead and grab twitter just long press and drag that over here now

i can quickly message it back and forth with people on twitter and then just minimize this and then quickly get right back into it whenever

i need to to message someone else this is a great way to keep applications always on your screen but not taking up a lot of space

tip 3 moar windows

in case you’re wondering you can have more than one of these pop-up windows open at the same time right now, I have a five open and I can move them all anywhere I’d like and if I minimize them they all stack on top of each other and if I tap that stack I can then see all the different ones and select one of them to open

tip 4 dump that stack

and if you want to close an entire stack in one shot all you have to do is long-press the stack when it’s minimized drag to remove and that’ll remove all of your pop-up windows

tip 5 always open apps (app locker)

if you have a few applications that you never want to close there’s a way to do that so let’s say for example you’re exporting something I’ve got adobe rush here and

let’s say it’s a long video and I’m exporting it and I want to make sure that adobe rush doesn’t close in the background while

I may be playing a game doing some social media or even just turning off my screen to do that all I have to do is go back to

my recent applications tap the app icon for adobe rush then tap keep open for quick launching that’s going to put a little lock icon here and even

if I close all other applications this one is still going to stay open and you can do this for up to three applications so let me go ahead and

do that right now so one two three applications now if I try to do it for a fourth application it’s going to be grayed out

it’s not going to let me because you can only do it for three but now

if I tap close all and come back here you’ll see that those three applications are still open but the rest have closed so this is an excellent feature for people

who do a lot of photos or video editing on their phone or for heavy gamers who don’t want a game to close out when they walk away for a little bit when

you don’t want the applications locked anymore all you have to do is tap the lock icon and


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