Top 3 Best Seo & AdSense Friendly Blogger Templates for Free

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Friends, if you are not getting the approval of Google AdSense, then somewhere this problem may be with your blogger template, but today I am going to tell you about 3 AdSense friendly blogger templates, by using which you can get AdSense approval easily. can get. 

What is Google AdSense? How does it work?

But this is not the only way to get approval, in this you have to follow more AdSense rules.

If you use these three Seo-friendly templates then your blog will look beautiful as well as all these templates can be used for free. Let us know which are Adsense-friendly blogger templates. 

What is Google AdSense? How does it work?

Top 3 Best Seo & AdSense Friendly Blogger Templates 2020 for Free 

If you run your blog on Blogger and your site is not growing, AdSense approval is not getting then you should use Seo and AdSense friendly blogger templates from the three I have mentioned. 

By using SEO optimized template, your website opens fast and at the same time, the user experience is quite good. 

SeoHub AdSense Friendly Blogger Templates 

SeoHub AdSense Friendly Blogger Templates

SeoHub template blogger has a very fast load, due to which users like to visit such a website daily and Google ads placement is also done very well in it. 

It is easy to customize the SeoHub blogger template which a beginner blogger can also customize. 

Publishter Seo Friendly Blogger Template 

Publishter Seo Friendly Blogger Template

In today’s time, it is very important to use SEO optimize and updated blogger template, otherwise, you will keep getting various types of errors shows in the Google search console. 

The publisher is an updated blogger template that you can use without any errors and its customization can also be done easily. 

NewsPaper9 Free Blogger Template 

NewsPaper9 Free Blogger Template

NewsPaper9 is also a well-optimized SEO-friendly blogger template that is used by many bloggers and this theme is also available on WordPress.

If you use the premium version instead of NewsPaper9 free template, then its customization becomes very easy for you. 

Final word on Free Blogger Templates 

Friends, in today’s post, we told you about 3 AdSense friendly blogger templates, friends, if you use this template then your site AdSense will be approved. 

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