Top 10 Best PS5 Games 2021!

 Welcome to another amazing article guys in this article I will be introducing to you the top 10 best ps5 games for 2021 and if you haven’t given your love to that shere button make sure to do that and stay till the end of the article yakuza like a dragon is the latest game in the long-running RPG series

best games for PlayStation 5

best ps5 games 2021

top10 best PlayStation games 2021 you must know

Yakuza: Like A Dragon PlayStation

from sega while it has been out for months in the UX and more than a year in japan the ps5 version of the game just launched on March 2 making

it a perfect game for this list this version takes advantage of all upgrades and enhancements the ps5 has to offer so expect better visuals and battered frameworks the story follows a completely

new protagonist named Ichiban Kasuga instead of the well-known and loved Kazuma kiyo it also takes a slightly different approach to combat moving from the action-based speeding up style comeback to a turn-based style comeback that is generally seen with jrpg titles

it still carries many of the same quicks as the other yakuza title though so you can rest assured that

it hasn’t abandoned the lovable weirdness that helped make those games so popular among fans there’s also 50 mini-games that are absolutely worth playing if you need a departure from the main game every now and then which means

you will have plenty of hours to gameplay with this title the entire game can be played solo but it does not feature online play which you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription to access and the next one we have heaven in heaven the story follows two people in love who are

Haven PlayStation

from opposite ends of the social ladder yet nothing will keep them apart if they have anything to say about you the game is about the story of these two young individuals

who escaped your home planet to be with each other and the plane is that you end up on is filled with things to explore and wonders to see heaven is an rpg adventure game

so there’s plenty of dinos it also features turn-based RPG combat heaven is a unique emotional ride that talks at the heart strings thanks to

its relatable story premise but there’s also just enough unrealistic content to make

it a really cool journey on a distant planet teeming with life and its own set of challenges and is also not a very difficult game to play which makes

it the perfect game for a more relaxing experience looking to unwind with a game free of any hectic or stressful content i mean it’s that game and it’s beautiful for

it plus the visuals of the games are not too shabby either and in fact they are quite good and you come to realize that the more that you play this is easily one of the best games to land on ps5 and

Persona 5 Strikers

the next one we have persona 5 strikers personal 5 strikers continue the stories of famous phantom themes in an

all-new spin-off game with new comeback a new ministry and new locations to explore unlike personal 5 and personal 5 royals persona 5 strikers offers up a slice of action-based comeback Akane to what you would find in dynasty warriors

while also adding in elements that make it unique to a personal game such as the personal abilities and all of the attacks of the characters from the other two games the story also attacks players in many different locations across japan instead of just around Tokyo

if you love persona 5 and personal 5 royals then you will definitely love this new take on those two games I must have four personal five fans coming up next we have the hitman 3 brings agent

Hitman III

47 back in for a series of contract killings as with any hitman game you will need to use any means necessary to finish your job

if you can use proper weapons to kill your target then you need to improvise anything that becomes a weapon at that point hitman 3 is the conclusion to the world of assassination trilogy in this game

you will be able to take on constructs in six different locations including Dubai Dartmoor berlin Chongqing Mendoza and the carpet in the mountains

you can play this game online but most of the content will be single-player best the next one we have Pegboy a big adventure segball is a platforming adventure game that

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

is not only fun for adults but another game on this list

this is a great title for kids which makes it an easy pick up for anyone that got a ps5 this holiday as the whole family can enjoy insect boy a big adventure

you will have to overcome a series of different challenging tasks across numerous levels

you can play solo or with your friends online or in co-op and customize your segway characters with different phones and unique outfits some of

which are themed after different characters from different games this is the newest game in the title big planet series though

it’s not necessarily a sequel of little big 23 from the ps4 journey to handcrafted level each with its own set of challenges and many different hidden puzzle elements that

you will have to discover to continue to say boy a big adventure is one of the best games on ps5 and is a great option for anyone that is looking for a game

that’s suitable for everyone coming up next we have immortals phoenix writing coming from Ubisoft

Immortals: Fenix Rising

immortals phoenix rising is an rpg game that puts you in the role of phoenix a winged demigod the greek goats are in trouble and it’s your job to save them

when it comes to gameplay immortals phoenix rising has been most closely compared to the likes of legend of zelda breath of the wild and kenshin impact and quite honestly

it is very close to the style of those two games it’s jam-packed with puzzles that will unlock the sorts of rewards from geared to useful items that may come in handy on your quest you also get a large collection of gay to acquire the game also features a large explorable world and plenty of creatures that

see you fell on your quest from the lowest of the low enemies to the most powerful bose fights each interaction with an enemy process an opportunity to help

you gain power and get stronger letting you unlock new abilities that could make or break your next battle this is a strictly single player experience

so this is one you can enjoy from beginning to end completely solo without the pitfalls that sometimes come along with with online gameplay and the next one we have out riders


if you like games like destiny 2 which is basically the looter shooter genre you will probably love outriders

while the two games are not entirely the same there are definitely some possibilities from multiple playable class types to the ever-increasing power from better gear drops and weapons outriders is packed full of things to chase

it has a pretty decent story too although the comeback and the gunplay is definitely the best part it supports gameplay in a single-player perspective or in multiplayer with up to two or more plays for a total of three

it also supports cross-play completely so if you play on ps5 but your friends play on pc you can team up together without issues overall this is a really fun game for fans of shooters that have RPG elements and the next one we have assassins creed

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

wall color assassin’s creed wall holla is not only one of the best games on ps5 it’s also in the running for the best assassin’s creed game to date and

there have been many of them the setting of valhalla takes you in the world of vikings seeking out a new home to settle

your people your own land is beginning to reach an inhabitable state so you must thank

your people elsewhere if you are to survive since this is an assassin’s creed game the world you explore is massive

there are hundreds of quests and side quests to complete and as always still come back though you are a viking and do not necessarily have to confine

yourself to being stealthy in every action assassin’s creed Valhalla also lets you choose between either a male or female character named either making his second game in the series that gives

you a little bit of leniency on the game’s main protagonists following assassin’s creed odyssey in this respect normally this game is 60 dollar for the standard ps5 version but

you can pick it up for as low as 40 dollars for the physical cookie the next one we have marvel spiderman

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

miles morales everyone’s favorite wave head is back in the second game in the spiderman series from insomnia games swing your way around avast and reach new york city doing what

you do the best fighting crime like the last marvel’s spiderman game you can unlock a myriad of different costumes from the spider-man universe but the real gem of this game is the comeback and story it also features some excellent visuals

if you’re playing the ps5 version with great power comes great responsibility and is responsible ps5 owner would ensure that this is one of the games in their library of titles because

it’s just that game and coming up the last one is demon’s soul rounding out our list is probably the best ps5 game out right now and is

Demon’s Souls

likely to be one of the best ps5 games of the council’s life cycle this version of demon’s souls is a threatful remake of the origin of that release for the ps3 and although

there have been a few changes here and there such as the overhauled graphics and a handful of different things like in-game items that were not available before most of the game stays through the original comeback is still punishing and each encounter

you finish is immensely rewarding once you get the hang of things to come back is extremely fun and you will no doubt spend hours replaying the game with

new classes or trying out new tactics to beat certain encounters not to mention seeking out new and powerful gear to help

you on the crazy journey of trying to get a Platinium trophy thank you for being with us till the end of the article and let me know in the comment section

which one is your favorite and which one do you recommend me and other fellows stay tuned for other amazing articles and stay blessed

Best PS5 Games






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