Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra Tips Tricks & Hidden Features!

the galaxy s 20 range is amazing and I have ten steps tricks and ten beaches for near 20 yes three plus and yes 20 ultra so now you can zoom I crazy it high refresh streets see captions alive on any media and a ton of other useful features but also stains on the end because I have some sick three wallpapers for you guys so let’s get into

it single take is a brand new mood within the camera application and it is so good guys to toggle it on all you do is just like the right hand side and then what you’re gonna do is hit that record button and what single take does is it takes a 15-second video Club and then using artificial intelligence it extracts all the best moments from those 15 seconds so as you can see here the best moments captured but it even puts filters on your images it makes a hyper lapse from the 15-second video clip and even a boomerang

it is honestly the best thing since sliced bread and here’s an example I took at Krispy Kreme this was the super simple 15-second video clip I took and just like that I got these amazing images I did not take a single picture in Krispy Kreme other than a 15-second video clip so this is so insane and you guys gotta try it out  but all my music lovers out there this one is gonna blow your mind

let’s just say you’re at a party jamming some Spotify but a friend wants to jam some music too then all you do is swipe down on a notification panel and toggle on music shake your body then brings their phone in and also swipe down on the notification panel to toggle on their music shake and what this music [ __ ] does is it allows your friends phone to play music via yours into the Bluetooth speaker so what’s now how the one phone causes when

I press play on the other one of the BAM just like that you can double DJ it up the entire night with your buddies and what’s also great about this is it plays the music from your friend Spotify and then jumps back to your Spotify so you’re not actually controlling the same song you’re literally playing songs and your favorite tunes from your own Spotify



space zoom

so on the s20 ultra you get a hundred times a space zoom which is pretty insane and a lot of fun to use if I open up the camera app to zoom into an object right over here you’re going to see all the various lenses so right now we’re on the wide angle and

if I click on it here or now all the zoom options so this one is on five times zoom and as you can see we’re busy looking at a frame but if I click on 30 times zoom it says don’t forget to like and then we go to 100 times zoom subscribe what

I also really like is this little window that pops up on the left hand side to show you exactly what it is you’re looking at because this section can become a little bit blurry and confusing so when comparing wide-angle pictures to a hundred task-based soon

it is pretty mind-blowing which is one thing to note is in photo mode you can use a hundred x oom but unfortunately when in video mode you can only zoom to 20 times but this feature is still amazing live caption is another super cool feature and activate

it you just click down on the volume button and then you’ll see this down arrow on the volume slider some other additional options will pop up and then right over there make sure you toggle on live caption and now you’re set and what live caption does is it automatically create captions when any speech is detected from media so as you can see whether it’s on my Instagram stories or a video in my Instagram feed it automatically dictates the media

so that you can read the captions lives I mean how amazing is that what is also also is that automatically places the captions a smack BAM in the center of your screen but you can move it around to any way you want then if you turn off your Wi-Fi and mobile data you will still have access to this live caption and it’ll still dictate all your media for example this is a little video clip I took in my studio I played it up loud on my device and as you can see a live caption is still dictating with no problem at all so whether it’s YouTube Instagram or even just home videos you can use live caption all the time


quack shar

yep that’s right Samsung have introduced something called quick shake and essentially it’s the same as iPhone airdrop but for Samsung devices finally and to activate it all you have to do is swipe down on the notifications panel and total on quick ship just make sure that your friends device or other device also has their quick share toggles on and then you’re gonna find the picture or file you want to share with them so

I’m just using this free wallpaper then you’re gonna click on the share icon over there and you’ll see the other device pop up so here I’m going to tap on the galaxy Z flip and straight away it’ll start sharing with the other device you just click accept

it’ll start downloading the image and then you’ll get a notification when it’s all done just like that now swipe down on the notification panel you’ll see file received tap on that and the BAM there is the three wallpaper now that is pretty nifty


shutter butt

another super nifty thing you can do within the camera app is when taking a picture if you click and then slide down on the shutter button it automatically it takes a bunch of burst shots and saves them in your gallery

so when you click on this little button in the left hand side it takes you off to the gallery app and there you can see all the pictures you just took with your birth shots on top of that if you click on this little icon what that does is it allows you to choose any number of your favorite burst shots that you just took by selecting them and once you’ve decided on the ones you want to keep you just click that download button and it’ll ask

if you want to discard all the other burst shots or not what you can also do is then create a gif with these burst shots

if you click on those three dots and select create gif it’ll take all your birth chart images and compile it into gifts and at the bottom here are a bunch of different settings you can use to customize your gift so whether you want to speed it up or change the direction it’s totally up to you and you can do it all right over here within this tool bar and then

if you click on this little Settings icon within the camera app and scroll down until you see a swipe shutter button to edge – you can choose to change it from a burst shot to a gift shot  snapshots are super handy for refining your pictures even further and making magic happen after you’ve already taken the picture so let’s just say you’ve found a picture but that trashcan is really ruining your vibe well

if you scale up your image just as you see me doing here and reframe it without the trashcan and then click on this little icon in the upper left hand corner what that does is it takes a snapshot from the original image and creates a new one still keeping quality in mind so it is not the same as a screenshot don’t get it twisted guys

it is a snapshot and here’s another great example of this where i zoomed in on this water tower and click the snapshot icon to create a brand new image but again still making sure the quality was there so as you can see I’ve got two great additional images from this original and likewise with this example so don’t forget snapshots



refresh rat

now everyone has kind of been losing their minds over this hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rates but for good reason and for anyone

I’m sure what that is or what it even means exactly it is essentially how quickly your phone’s screen responds to your actions so think of sixty Hertz as being a ferris wheel and 120 Hertz as being a roller coaster

it is so so much faster and when scrolling through things like Instagram your gallery or even settings with a hundred twenty Hertz refresh rate it feels so buttery smooth and basically glitch and lag free it’s something quite hard to show in demonstrates because you really have to feel

it for yourself to understand how truly epic it is but still just so you guys can see and get an idea of it here’s the difference between 60 Hertz and 120 Hertz

it’s smooth it’s fast and it’s addictive straight on a box in the s 20s 20 plus and ultra are all set to the 60 Hertz refresh rate but to change that all you have to do is head on over to settings and then once in there just click on display and then right over here you will see motionsmoothness

if you click on that you can just toggle on high refresh rates of 120 Hertz and click apply and just keep in mind what’s this high refresh rate

it will impact your battery life night shots have also been improved on the s20 range and to toggle on night mode you simply go to more and then select nights but what super interesting is the new technology they’ve incorporated known as Nonna binning and this can be quite confusing but essentially

it’s taking the information from surrounding pixels and creating one really good pixel to aqua quality of your night shots so here are some examples of the night mode and as you can see they are pretty epic but

I would always suggest when taking night mode pictures to use a tripod you will just naturally get better pictures especially when the background is super dark like in this example and then here to some other examples of pictures

I took in night mode and also picture mode but with low-light situations and as you can see the quality is super amazing and the nona pinning really does make a difference but I do believe this is only on the ultra


8k video

then by now I’m sure you’ve heard you can take 8k video and to toggle that on you just click on the ratio icon and to the left hand side you will see the 8k option so toggle that on and then here’s an example of an 8k video captured from is 20 ultra but what you can do once you’ve recorded your 8k video is go back and scrub through

it until you find an image that you want to keep and you guessed it you can take a snapshot of your 8k video so you click on that little icon and it’ll save this really a high quality image in your gallery where you can use it later on Instagram stories or send it by email whatsapp you name it and then here’s another example I

took in portrait mode of this beautiful waterfront and I really love that just by taking a quick 8k video you can grab a snapshots save that to your gallery and it is really high quality because you are filming in 8k let me know in the comments section guys will you use this feature and what do you think of taking snapshots from 8k video

free wallpaper

then if you’re looking to spice up that screen of yours and then check out these four fresh wallpapers I designed them with a hole punch in mind and I’ll have a link to my website in the description box and if you use any of these wallpapers a screenshot a pic of your home screen and tag me on social media because I’d love to see which is your favorite one if you enjoyed in this aitical

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