PlayStation 5 & ps5 7 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features!! YOU GOTTA SEE!!

1 hidden detailPlayStation 5 & ps5 7 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features!! YOU GOTTA SEE!!

so much more then a super hidden design feature that you may not have known is if you take a super close look at the texture grip on the back of the controller

you’ll see the almost microscopic detail of PlayStation’s signature x’s o’s triangles and squares etched into the plastic to create a super unique grip texture i personally think

this is such a great touch and possibly a good way to tell fakes from originals because not only is this detail on the console itself but it’s also etched on all the accessories like the controllers media remote and even charging station so PlayStation have made

it is surprisingly easy to clean and maintain your PlayStation 5 by being able to remove both of these white side panels so once you’ve done that

you can then go ahead and vacuum up the fans as well as remove any dust from both the dust catchers on either side now of course

when doing this just be patient and take your time but basically you lift the side by the playstation logo and slide down to remove the white panel and then you will see the guts of your playstation 5 with a fairness and both the dust catches once you vacuum those up

you can turn over your console and do the exact same thing on the opposite side and ultimately just maintain your ps5 so it’ll last

2 typing                                                                      Playstation 7 Tips, Tricks

you for years then i don’t know about you guys but sometimes searching for games using the controller can be so tedious and time consuming you’ve got to go through the entire keyboard one by one using your controller but there are four other options

you can use first up is the d-pad on the controller and this basically works like a mouse pad you can hover around and click down to select your letters the second way is by installing the ps remote play app connecting it to your ps5 and then using your phone as the controller and what’s nice about this is when you get to the search section or somewhere that needs text your phone’s keyboard will automatically appear and you can just type in what you’re looking for or if you have a bluetooth keyboard like i have here with a dongle you can pop that dongle into the back of

your ps5 and use your keyboard to type out exactly what you want and a standard bluetooth keyboard should also work then lastly the other option is to use speech to text if you click on this little mic icon you can speak directly into the remote control and automatically of course it’ll convert your speech to text and this is by far the easiest way to do

it a pretty damn cool feature of the ps5 is being able to play your games remotely using your phone or even a computer it’s super duper simple just make sure

you have the ps remote play app downloaded and installed on your phone then open it up and make sure you connect it to your ps5 console once

you’ve done that this screen will appear and you are good to go you can start jamming your game straight away on your phone just like this but i will say it is a little tricky and unfortunately at the moment you cannot connect your


dual sense controller but if you have a dual shock controller that’ll work perfectly fine and by clicking on this little controller icon

it’ll run you through all the steps to connect it to your phone and then you can jam as much as you want and using the controller is so much easier

than trying to jam using the controls on your screen so if you have a pretty solid wi-fi connection as well as your phone and controller you can play from just about anywhere which is pretty nifty

3 charging            PlayStation 5 & ps5 7 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features!! YOU GOTTA SEE!!

now unlike xbox controllers these ones don’t come with removable batteries where you can just replace them so if you ever find your controller dying mid game then i highly suggest

you get one of these cables this is a standard usb to usb type-c cable that you plug into the back of your controller so you can jam when you’re all out of battery power s

o as you can see the big difference is the cable is much longer so

you don’t have to sit on top of your tv when you want to jam some games but if you’re tired of constantly having to plug in your controllers to recharge them then i highly suggest you get one of these

this is the playstation dualsense charging station and is used to plug in your controllers and charge them when you’re not using them i personally love this accessory and

i’ll have a link to it down below another big bonus to having this charging station is as you can see it is a great way to store and display your

4 megaPlayStation 5 & ps5 7 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features!! YOU GOTTA SEE!!

dualsense controllers you may not know but the PlayStation 5 can now run games in 4k resolution at 120 frames per second with full support for hdr so because of that sony went ahead and made a bunch of brand new tvs that are all PlayStation 5 ready so if you’re ever keen on getting that full gaming experience you might want to check out a tv like

this this is the sony  bravia x90 htv and as mentioned you can play games in 4k 120 frames per second with support for hdr not only that it also has motion smoothness dolby atmos audio android tv and even apple tv built in depending on what games you play the ps5 will automatically have the resolution set to 4k and the frame rate to 120 hertz so long as the game supports that and here is a beautiful example of what a difference

5 more PlayStation 5 & ps5 7 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features!! YOU GOTTA SEE!!

120 hertz makes so if you’re upgrading to the ps5 from a ps4 chances are you already have a hard drive or ssd with a bunch of games on it and what’s nice about the ps5 is it is backward compatible so you can just go ahead pop

it in the back and then start playing some games instantly but what’s not nice about the ps5 is you can’t do this with ps5 games yet at least you can save on some storage space for now so if you do want to take advantage of an ssd head on over to settings and scroll down until

you see storage once in there make sure you select extended storage then you can go ahead format your ssd and load up those ps4 games and hopefully with the future updates we’ll be able to do this with

6 useful media are

ps5 games too did you know the PlayStation 5 is not just a gaming console but it also has an entire media area on it for some good old entertainment that’s right guys right at the top of your home screen next to games you’ll see this media option and

if you tap on that you’ll have access to netflix apple tv prime video youtube and so much more plus you can even download extra applications and an awesome accessory to add to the entire media mix is this accessory the ps5 media remote

so if you’re as much into your media as your gaming this remote is the perfect accessory to access those streaming services and navigate the media area not only that this remote can completely replace your original tvs remote depending on what tv

7 quick

model you’ve got which is pretty cool then on to some quick tips and if you’re busy jamming a game but want to switch it up go ahead click that PlayStationicon and then at the bottom

you will see this switcher icon tap on that and then select one of your most recent games click play and then straight away it’ll launch the game so

you can start playing without having to have navigated the entire menu this is much the same as xbox’s quick resume then

if you ever wanted to capture some gameplay just by clicking this capture button it’ll open up this little menu where

you can choose to capture is screenshots or screen recording once you’ve started the recording you’ll see a little countdown timer right at the top and

if you ever want to stop just click the same button and stop recording then

if you ever want to quickly get back to the home screen you can just click and hold down on the PlayStation icon and the bam it’ll take you back in seconds

then finally to turn off your controller and save on that battery life if you click and hold down on the PlayStation and capture button at the same time your remote controller will power down so

i have some PlayStation gift cards that i want to give away to you guys with these PlayStation gift cards you can buy games add-ons and even subscriptions to online play

it’s super duper simple all you have to do is try out some of these codes if you enjoyed this video and you want to see some more tech tips and tricks

then don’t forget to like and subscribe or you can check out some of my other videos right over here but thank you so much for watching and i will see you in the next one toodles


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