Joomla vs Wordpres, which is the best?

When you start to look for brilliant blogging software, take in account that the best blogging platform is one that best suits your needs. I do not believe in a general classification and in a general valid solution. That is in the case of e-commerce platforms.

There are many variations, some as rich in features or other options. The best is that which meets the requirements of the future store.
So we cannot compare joomla with wordpress simply because wordpress is a blogging platform, while with joomla can do a portal complex. So, it depends what you do: blog or portal.

Why joomla? Because I discovered the power of this CMS in building fast and cheap a site and that I realized that developers statements under which Joomla! Is one of the most powerful Open Source system for content management on the planet, being used worldwide from simple websites to complex corporate applications and is simple to install and use, are true.

One of the explanations why i select Joomla:

Costs very little for maintenance and development
SEO and SEM optimized
Very flexible, intuitive and easy to use
Manage text, images, documents and media files
Unlimited possibilities of development of web pages
Has wide spread and support a robust and really active web community
Flexible layout is the chapter where Joomla is just better than WordPress. Trying to style a WP template within a Joomla template was too complicated and painful. The process involved rummaging through WP stylesheets and php files to undertake and resolve conflictsBut in Joomla, I could just have the content presented as a “blog” and could style it easily and in the way I like.

Another comparative observation between WordPress and Joomla, but which cannot be moved to Chapter of professionalism, as a comparison “to the first eye”, irrelevant: Joomla is a database more complex with some 36 tables, compared with just 10 of WordPress. For a comparison “as it must”; should be an analysis of all fields, the degree of inter-dependence and their influence on SEO.(TOP 5 SEO TIPS OF BLOGGER)

The installation procedure of Joomla is simple, something more complex than WordPress because it requires some initial configuration, that WordPress are “default”.

In addition to these Joomla is free and can be quite easily customize by many using multiple extensions (components, modules, mambots) and templates from the market. Some may be free (they are developed under the GNU General Public License), other components are trading and can buy directly from producers Sites. Average mark for an extension is under $ 100.

Basically Joomla! is “composed” of two parts: one part of the front end (which will appear in your visitor’s browser) and a back end (administrator – where only you have access). Of administrator, the administration is virtually complete map and when I say that is complete you don’t need to do programming for you to add something on the site. In short, using Joomla! and its free extensions, you can make yourself a website for free.

WordPress its really good at a blogging tool but Joomla, by comparison is a full blown CMS that can blog if you want it to easily. There are some minor features missing, but you make this up and more with all the powerful features of a mature CMS you can leverage into your blog.


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