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hey guys welcome back to atozbrother and check it out we have the new generation mix with
new beautiful colors new bezels new camera new cables new keyboard new mouse colors new power connector
new ports new speakers a new slim design and all of that packed with a powerful m1 chip so let me show you what it can

fingerprint id

do so of course aside from that super-powerful m1 chip I am so pumped for the fingerprint id there’s actually quite a couple of features linked to the fingerprints id
and to add one you just head into system preferences add a fingerprint and it does take a little bit of time but once
you’ve scanned your finger a couple of times and got your details in there here’s a closer look at all the different things you can do using that fingerprint-like unlocking

your mac using apple pay iTunes verification password autofill and even quick user switching so for example
if someone’s busy using the computer that is not you but then you head on over to the iMac and want to log into your own profile
all you do is simply scan your fingerprint then click the button and instantly
it’ll switch over to your profile and you can carry on from where you left off in a matter of seconds  then the keyboard also got some seriously useful upgrades but something to
keep in mind is depending on what model iMac you go for you’ll either get the touch id or
a lock button but other than touch id there are some pretty cool new functions on the keyboard
which are all located right up here and the first one is spotlight so as soon as
you click this button spotlight will open up on your iMac and instantly you can search for files applications you name it then
there’s a dedicated dictation button which if you click instantly it’ll type out anything like speech to text and is beyond useful then
we got the do not disturb button so if you click on that straight away your computer will go into do not disturb mode and if you want to change any settings
you can do so just by clicking the do not disturb button we also have a dedicated emoji button
which is on the bottom left-hand corner and so every time you want to add an emoji you simply click that button the entire emoji menu appears and
you’re good to go

m1 power

so by far one of the best new specs of these colorful new iMacs is that super-powerful m1 chip and
these puppies definitely have some good performance as a test I opened up final cut pro and layered a bunch of different 4k footage
I duplicated clips opened them all in a multi-cam view and did a lot of different video edits then minimized
that and opened up photoshop to edit a picture as
you can imagine these programs and graphics take up a lot of processing power and not only that
I then minimized photoshop opened up a game called asphalt and instantly started playing that with no issues whatsoever with photoshop and
final cut even still being open in the background I then minimized the game opened up photoshop again
then final cut continued editing and played back 4k footage so I mean yeah this tackles just about
any task you throw at it with no problem and by the way if you’re busy enjoying click on the share button and
if you subbed that would be  then taking a closer look at some hardware updates
the max webcam got a much-needed upgrade to a 180p resolution camera which basically means it looks
so much better and it has an enhanced light sensor for
any low light conditions then the power cable also got some major updates with
this brick being the biggest addition and of course the ethernet ports but again depending on
which model you go for will depend on whether you get this ethernet port or not so that’s just something to keep in mind there is also a new directional three microphone array that basically picks up your voice when speaking and enhances
it as best as possible it’s not exactly great for voice-overs but for video calls or facetime calls it’s absolutely perfect and with this 3 set microphone array it really helps eliminate any background noise 

universal clipboard

ok now if you own an iPhone or even an iPad probably one of the most convenient features on the iMac is
you can copy and paste text across all of them firstly it is unbelievable at how well this works and secondly
how addicted you will get to use this feature
so let’s say for example you have a bunch of text and images you want to copy to your iMac all you do is copy that text
then head on over to your iMac hit that paste button and in seconds the bam everything from your phone is copied to
your computer not only does this feature work between
your iPhone and iMac but if you have an iPad the same thing applies where you can literally just click the paste button and instantly
it’ll be on your iPad this universal clipboard feature is unbelievably useful so definitely remember this next time you want to copy info 

play iPhone games

now I’m pretty sure you all have that favorite game
you love to play on your iPhone mine’s alto’s odyssey but the iPhone screen is not that big and
you are also kind of limited as to what games you can play but
what’s so cool about the new iMac is the ability to cross over some of your favorite iPhone or iPad games and play them on a bigger screen all
you do is head on over to the app store and under the play tab
you’ll now see this section with a list of iPhone and iPad games that have been enhanced for playing on an m1 iMac
so while it’s not necessarily new playing games on
your iMac it is great that games are being developed and optimized for the m1 chip and then in case
you didn’t know you can also hook up a game controller to your iMac it can pretty much be any controller so long as
it has Bluetooth and once everything is connected open up your games and jam away as you can imagine it is
so much more fun playing with a controller and with that 4.5 k retina display the graphics are just so good
so you can definitely tell that apple focused on these vibrant colors when designing the iMac and also
what’s so cool is you can change the theme colors in the software all
you do is head on over to system preferences and under general you will see these available accent colors
so depending on your style and taste of course you choose your favorite accent color and
you can also choose the highlight color so depending on which color iMac you get or already have
you can really theme it out by matching up all the colors you can also head on over to the desktop and screensaver section within system preferences once again and select whichever color you’d like of that now-iconic
hello screensaver that apple made just for the m1i max there really is just something so nice about matching things up and I love that apple have brought out so many different colors

find my stuff

speaking of new apple products the air tags also work so nicely with the find my app on your iMac the nice thing about this is
if you’re behind your desktop
you don’t always need to whip out your phone to find your things and yes this works pretty much exactly the same way as
it does on your iPhone all you do is open up the find my application on your desktop then click on the items tab and instantly
you’ll be able to select any one of your items track them and locate them so while the find my application is not necessarily new on the iMac it’s still nice to know
you can track your air tags on there on to some quick tips and when you first use the power cord with
your new iMac can be a little bit difficult or confusing connecting it to the back thanks to these magnetic connectors but
all you need to remember is once you place the power cable in give it a small twist and instantly
it’ll magnetize then did you know just by holding down option shift and the volume keys you can adjust the volume in small quarter increments
you can also do the same by holding down the option shift and then the brightness keys and really fine-tune your display
if you also want to split screen some applications you can click hold down on that green button then decide on
your split and instantly you’ll be able to open another application on the right-hand side
you can even adjust your split screen just by clicking and holding down on that middle bar and moving it just as
you see here and this is so useful but guys that are about it for these beautiful new iMacs 
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