How to start Student Blogging 

How to start Student Blogging 

To start blogging, first of all, you should know well about what blogging is.

And blogging means creating a blog, maintaining it, publishing the post. And you can do it part-time or full time.

So blogging is a good way for students to earn money online.

What do you need to start blogging

You must have understood what is blogging? Let us now know what are the things you need to do blogging. To

start blogging, you first need an Android mobile, Laptop / Desktop, and Internet Connection.

If you have these basic things then you can think of blogging.

how to select a topic

To start blogging, you need a topic, that is, after creating a blog, what will you share on it? You have to decide this beforehand.

And you can choose any one of the topics of your choice. Like, Health, Study Tips, Technology, Gym Tips, Food, etc.

But remember that whatever topic you select, you should be very interested in it. Otherwise, you will not be able to blog again for a long time. How to select a topic

for student blogging, read this post for complete information.

buy domain name

You have to buy a domain name for a blog. And the domain name is your blog URL. After choosing the topic, you should purchase the domain name related to your topic.

It will benefit in SEO, and your blog will get rank on the search engine quickly.

So you buy Top Label extension like, .com, .in, .Org.

By clicking on the leak given below, you start taking a domain, this domain is at least 799 rupees, if we see in $, then it is 10 $, take it quickly the offer is burning