How To Repurpose Blog Posts Into Videos

It’s a great place to get ideas for your videos. If you have an active blog, you can use analytics with Google to find out which blog posts get the most attention. Then you can use that to help you come up with new ideas.

Find Your Most Popular Blogs

Using Google Analytics, find out which blog posts you currently have that get the most traffic. These are topics that your listeners want to know more about.

Reuse the title

You may be able to use the same theme, unless you change the format. example, if the post is a “top ten” but will separate you, you will want to explain that in the title.

Choose the Most Important Points

Too many points in the video can make it too long. As mentioned above, instead of taking the top ten list and making a video, why not take one point out of each of the top ten and convert it into ten different videos.

Choose Your Technology

Will you need a good camera, or will your webcam be good enough? Will you need editing technology to add photos, music and other features to your video? Write down what you need to decide what technology is needed.

Create Slides

If you do not want to talk about video, make slides in one sentence or one point for each slide you plan to talk about. You want them to focus on what you are saying, not on reading the slide.

Insert visuals

Images such as infographics, memes and graphs work well within the video. People like to look over your head when they see a video. If you use good video editing software, you can add beautiful photos and slides without interrupting the video.

Apply Sound Effects

Don’t make music too loud when you speak until you can’t hear what you are saying. However, some free royal music will make your video look and feel professional, especially in the introduction and exit section.

Enter the introduction and exit

Prerecord the introduction and output that will be used for all of your videos so you can combine them into a single combined asset for your audience. Don’t make them long, though; a few seconds is enough.

Market Your Videos

Include video in new blog posts, with blurb, description, and text. Then go back to creating a blog post and insert a link to the video under the old blog post that inspired you to make a video.

Returning old blog posts to videos should be your first way to switch to adding video to your marketing. Video is more effective than any other type of content in getting more conversions. However, you do not want to replace everything with video, you just want to replace it.


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