How to put Adsense ads under post title on WordPress blog

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That is, your blog’s earnings will increase. So it is very important to add ads to your blog on the royal place. And it is the wish of many growing bloggers that by showing ads under the title on the blog, your Adsense earnings are big.

So in this post, I will tell you in this bare how to show Adsense ads under the title on WordPress blog. That too without any plugin.

Do not add more widgets to any blog. Because adding more widgets or plugins can increase the loading speed of your site. So you always avoid adding on widgets or plugging.

Before placing Google Adsense advertisements at the top of the post title, you need to know that why we have the post title of the post title, then let me tell you that by showing the top ads of the post title, you will get CPC i.e. per click. The cost and CTR click rate will increase. And you will get more clicks on your ads from which you will earn more from ads.

And you must have heard that if you place your ads in a big place, then your earnings will increase. So this is a great place to show AdSense ads instead of the post title.

In this post, I will tell you one such tip that you can use without any plugin. So let’s start now.


/* Show ads below post title by
genesis_register_sidebar( array(
‘id’ => ‘ad-after-title’,
‘name’ => ( ‘Ads After Title’, ‘custom’ ), ‘description’ => ( ‘This is Ad section under post title’, ‘custom’ ),
) );
add_action( ‘genesis_entry_header’, ‘basicwp_post_ad_feature’, 12 );
function basicwp_post_ad_feature() {
if ( is_single() && is_active_sidebar( ‘ad-after-title’ ) ) {
echo ‘’; dynamic_sidebar( ‘ad-after-title’ ); echo ‘’;

Now next you click on Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets of your WordPress blog. Now here you will find a widget named after the post title. you select the text. And you paste whatever advertisement you want to show below the post title.

To now your ads will start showing the niche of the post title. was not easy tricks for friends

In the end, now you tell me how did you feel knowing this or if you have any questions related to the post in your mind, then you can ask your question in the comment box below. I would be glad to help you.

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