How to Promote Blog on Social Media

In this post, we will know how to promote the blog on social media. Which you can easily get a lot of social traffic on your blog.

How to Promote Blog on Social Media

When we talk about social media marketing, today the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook.

Because Facebook is such a social site that has billions of users. So you can increase many visitors to your blog from Fb.

Create Fb page and Group to promote your blog on Facebook for free.

And add as many members as you can to the group, page. Then after that share your blog and blog post.

Such people who will like the topic shared by them will visit your website.

Along with this, you can also increase the traffic of your blog with paid advertising on Facebook. How do you advertise on social media just for this? There should be correct information about this.

Otherwise, you will have to hire a social media marketer to promote your blog.

When you advertise on a social site, you can select any kind of people who want to show your website. Which you will get Targeted visitors from Social Media for your blog.

I advertised my blog on FB last month. On which I only targeted bloggers, content writers, and social media marketers of Assam.

And you must know that I am not a social media marketer but a blogger. So I had planned for only 3 days of advertisement. On which I got 650+ new visitors.

How did I promote my blog and what social media marketing strategy did I apply? Let us know about this in detail.

In Paid Social Media Marketing, you should keep these things in mind.

1) Correct Location

2) Correct Audience

3) Audience age, Gender

4) Adversiting Time

you target these points well, then easily you can increase a lot of traffic on your blog.

Not only Facebook, but you also create an account and page of the blog on other social sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and do not forget to add the URL of your blog on them.

But to promote the free social media marketing page of your blog, or blog site, always keep these few things in mind,

Post photos

Most visitors on the social site click to read a post only after seeing the photo. But if your photo will not be good and attractive then visitors will not click on your share.

So always, if you share anything on the social site, then at first create a great image and then share it. You can search on Google to know the image size details of social sites.

Use Hashtags

Most hashtags are used on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Which your content is visible to more users.

So you use hashtags (#) while sharing your blog and blog post on social sites.

Join Community And Groups

There are many communities and groups on every social media. You join the related groups of your content and share the content of your blog on them.

Apart from all this, you should also choose the right time to promote your blog. Because people come at different times on different social sites. So you have to see at what time people use which social site.

Because when more users are active then your post will be visible to more people simultaneously. In such a situation, your content will get more clicks and likes.

Final Words

A blogger should know both ways. So you follow all these above-mentioned tips and increase the social traffic of your blog.

Finally, now you must have understood how to promote a Blog on Social Media. But if you have any questions in your mind then tell me con below comment box.

I would be glad to help you.

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