how to earn money from google

How to earn money from Google or what are the best ways to earn money from Google, are you searching about this?  You must know that there are many ways to earn money online.

Google is a very big company. And everyone can earn money online from Google sitting at home.

In this post, I will tell you how to earn money from Google. Through which you can earn money online from your home.

how to earn money from google

To earn money from Google, you have to apply on Google AdSense. But you cannot apply directly to AdSense.

For this, you should have a mobile app if you do not have a Blog or Website, YouTube Channel. Let us know in the details below how to earn money from Google by making them.

earn money from google by starting blogging

As you must be aware that there are many services of Google, one of which is “ Blogger (Blogspot)”.

With this service, you can start blogging by creating a free blog of your own. And you can also earn money through your blog.

To create a blog on Blogger, you will not need much internet, Gmail id, and a PC or mobile. If you have all these things then you can earn money from google very easily.

To create a blog on Blogger, you follow this Step By Step Guide Post.

Now after creating a blog, design it well and then make your Blogspot blog SEO friendly.

Next, you select a topic to start blogging. And publish some high-quality posts on it.

Then when some traffic starts coming to your blog, you can earn lakhs of money sitting at home from your Hindi blog.

After the traffic comes, you apply on Google AdSense. And a new Hindi blog is also easily approved on Adsense.

Then it is very easy to create Adsense ads and put them on your blog and blog post. And nowadays there is no need to create ads, you can use Google Auto Ads.

But only by placing ads on the blog, you will not get money, you get money for View and Click on them. So first of all you increase traffic on your blog. Only then you will be able to earn more money from Google AdSense.

And after you get $100 from Google AdSense, you get it on your bank account.

Make money from Google by creating a YouTube channel

Do you watch videos on YouTube? On this, you get to see all kinds of videos. If you also want to earn money from Google, then create a YouTube channel and upload videos on it.

You can make videos on any topic. Then after sharing some videos, when your blog is 1 yr old, 1000+ Subscribers, and watch time is 4000 hours, then you can earn money by placing ads on your videos.

And to create a channel on YouTube, all you need is a Gmail account. After creating a channel, first of all, fill your channel with a good design like profile pic, cover pic, about, etc.

Then share some own created and high-quality videos on it. Then as soon as your channel is capable of applying AdSense, monetize your channel with Google AdSense.

Next Google AdSense ads will show on your videos from which you will get money.

And as long as you do not place AdSense ads on your channel, you can earn money from your YouTube channel through Affiliate Marketing, Own Product Sell, Paid Promotion, etc.

earn money from google through mobile

You will get apps to earn money from a mobile on the play store. And play store is also a google product.

There are many such apps on this which give you money for doing simple task complete, survey complete, play, watch videos, refer, etc.

These are some apps that earn money from the Play Store

  • Earn Money
  • Google Pay
  • PhonPe
  • payTm
  • MintCoins
  • Champ Cash
  • IPoll

Apart from these, you can also earn money from Google’s dig Google Opinion Reward apps. And you can buy any product from google.

It has been created by the google survey team. On this, you can earn money from your mobile by completing some simple survey.

You can get up to 70+ rupees for completing the Per survey. And Google Opinion Reward apps have been downloaded by about 10M+ people.

earn money by making apps

If you know to program, and you are a programmer. So the best way for you to earn money from Google is to create any type of Android app and upload it to Google Play Store. And put Admob’s ads on your app.

Admob is a product of Google

Then you promote your app on Facebook, YouTube along with other social media, Whatsapp. As soon as the downloading of your app increases, the earning of your google will increase.

Frequently Ask Questions

Do you have to pay to earn money from Google?

If you upload the app on the play store then you have to pay $25. You can earn money from Google sitting at home by applying any other method of earning money for free .how do we get money from google

You can get Google Adsense money or Admob money on your bank account. Can you make money with Google Adword?

No, you cannot earn money from Direct Google Adword. When you place online ads by doing keyword research on it, then you can earn money by selling your product.
And to show through online ads, Adword, Google will have to pay.

So, friends, these were some easy ways to earn money from Google, so that you can earn well online sitting at home.

How was the information? And do you know any other way to earn money from Google, then tell on the comment box below?

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