how to create Privacy Policy Page

how to create Privacy Policy Page

You must know how important the Privacy Policy page is for a blog or website! It just does not tell the visitors about your blog. Rather it is necessary to have a privacy policy page to earn money from the blog. Because Google approves AdSense Account only after checking your Privacy Policy.

It is very important to have a Privacy Policy page on So Blog.

how to Generate Privacy Policy

On the Internet, you will find millions of tools to generate a privacy policy page. For example,, SerpRank,, etc. You can use any tools.

I will tell you by generating the privacy policy of your blog through the privacy policy generator tool. By following which you can create the privacy policy of your dig.

First of all, you visit the privacy policy generator.

Then on the very first page, you will see the screen shot as below.

on you,

  • Enter the name of your website on Your Company Name.
  • On Your Website Name also add the name of your website.
  • Then in the last add the URL of your blog, websites on Your Website URL. And click on Next Button.

Next, click on the YES button in all three places of the screen short below. And then click on Next Key Button.