14 Problems with How to Choose Blog Topic (in english)

Do you want to start blogging and blog on which topic? If you are thinking this, then you are reading the right post. Because in this post I will help you to select the blog topic. And I will tell you how to choose Hindi and English bloggers, blog topic?

How to choose Blog Topic

Which you can very easily choose a Best and Profitable Blog writing topic for yourself.

How to choose Blog Topic

If you start blogging without thinking anything, then you cannot run your blog for a long time. Nor can you ever make your blog a success. That is why it is very important to start blogging with complete planning. And to write a post on Blog, you need a topic. But before making the topic selection, you have to decide what you are blogging for. (How to Choose Blog Topic)

Most people have only 2 reasons to blogging,

1. Passion
2. Passion + Money


1. Passion: If you are just blogging for your passion, then you can start blogging in any topic. If you want, you can also write daily life on your blog.

2. Passion + Money: If you want to make blogging passion and online to earn money, then you have to choose a perfect niche for blogging. But if you have done blogging without thinking, then I can guarantee that you will never be able to earn from your blog.

Because blogging is not a thing to do 1, 2 days, you will have to do it for a long time. Only then you can make your carrier in it. And you can earn millions from blogging.

So if you want to blogging to earn money online, then read this guide post completely and select a best blog topic for yourself.

Which topic should a blog be made on? Or in which topic to do blogging, this is a very big problem for the new blogger.

But if you follow these tips, then you will be easy to choose the perfect topic for blogging.

1. You should have good knowledge and interest on the niche you will choose.

2. Check Selected Topic’s Search Volume, monthly and yearly.

3. Trands and Features of the Niche

4. Business Perspective

5. Demographic Location of your tagged Audience For That Niche

So let’s now know about them in details, which will make it easier for you to choose the best blog topic.


# 1 Knowledge & Interest:

Interest and passion is the main thing for learning and creating someone. So this is the key factor to select the blog niche.

Without interest, you cannot go forward even a single step. So first ask your mind,

• What do you search most daily on the internet? (Example: Technology, Sports, Cars, Designing etc.)

• On which topic do you have a lot of interest?

• What’s your hobbies?

• What do you like to do more?

• How do you spend your free time?

• Which topic do you talk about more?

• On which subject do you have more knowledge?

So probably you will get multiple answers right now. But you wrote all these answers on your note. Because this is the first step to chose a blog topic. And these answers will help you to choose the best blogging niche till the last of this post.

# 2 Select Niche’s Search Volume Check