How to Check Loading Speed ​​of Blog in 2021

How to check the loading speed of a blog? Every blogger should know about this. Because checking the performance of the blog shows the loading speed of the blog.


The loading speed of the blog should always be fast. And the blog that opens within 3 – 5 seconds gets more unpaid traffic from the search engine.

So in this post, I will tell out how to check the blog’s loading speed blog.


Why Check blog speed

As you must be aware, the blog’s loading speed keeps on changing due to images, JavaScriCSS Css, Coding in the blog.

And if anytime the blog takes more time to open then your visitors will also go to another site.

Therefore, the loading speed of the time to time blog should be checked. And whatever problem miles it should be solved.

Which your blog will always be fast-loading. And your site will get good preference on the search engine too. Because Google also likes fast-loading blogs more.



How to Check the Loading Speed ​​of Blog

You will get many tools to check the loading speed of the website. For example, Google Page speed, Gtmetrix, Pin, from, etc. You can check the loading speed of your blog on anyone.

Below I will show you by checking the loading speed of this blog on Gtmetrix. By following which you can easily see how much time your blog is open.

At first, you go to GTmetrix ‘s site