How to make the image of Blog Post SEO Friendly? You must know how important images are for blog posts. Whether you do blogging on any topic, you should use images on your blog post.

If you write a blog post without photos, then visitors will not like to read your post. Because visitors can easily understand your post from images. And also the blog post is attractive because of the images.

But if you do not add images, then from today you start adding images to every post. It will also reduce the bounce rate along with the traffic of the blog.

There are many more benefits of adding images to blog posts. But for this, you have to make images SEO-friendly. Because when the search engine indexes your post, it also checks the images of your post. So the images of the blog post have to be made SEO friendly.

How to make Blog Post Image SEO Friendly

It will take you just 2 minutes to make an image SEO-friendly. Because you can add images of any format to the blog post.

Below I will tell you 3 easy steps, follow them properly. And make your images SEO-friendly.

1. Compress Image

Without compressing images, you can be very lost. Because if you add an image of increased size to your post, then the loading speed of this site becomes very slow.

Which, the traffic on your blog may also decrease. And you must have known that neither the income nor the ranking will be good on a blog without visitors.

So before uploading your image, definitely compress it. And do not add images of size more than 50-70 kb on your blog.

And to compress your images, you can use online free tools like Tiny png, compress jpeg, etc.

2. Rename Images

The search engine cannot understand anything by looking at the empty image. And if you put any such image as 0111111.jpg or png, then the search engines cannot understand what the image is for.

So you rename each of your images before uploading them on the post. And then add it to your post.

Suppose you run a health blog. And you have written about Apple on your blog, and have added the image of Apple, then you keep the name of that image “apple” and then add it to your post.

3. Use ALT Tag on Image

When you add the image to your post, then you have to use an alt tag on your image, only then your image is SEO-friendly.

And to use the alt tag on blogger, you click on the property of your image. And then you get the option of alt tag on it, on which you also have to add the focus keyword of your blog post.

That is, you will also have to add the keyword on the alt tag of the image. Only then your image is Seo-friendly. And it helps in getting your post a good rank.

So now you must have understood how to make blog post images SEO friendly. Apply these above tips on your every image. And optimize the images of your blog post for the search engine.

Finally, how did you like this information? Or if you have any questions then tell in the comment box below.

I would be glad to help you.

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