Galaxy Buds Pro | Top 5 Features!!!

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Galaxy Buds Pro | Top 5 Features!!!

Hey guys welcome back to atozbrother and I’ve got five great features to show you on the galaxy buds that start with the intelligent anc, so unlike other galaxy buds these are definitely due to this intelligent feature Are better and how does it work


For music fans


first tips

Once your buds are in your ear and

You are listening to music or maybe watching some media,

Your bud will be in naturally active noise cancellation mode, but,

As soon as you start speaking, here is the intelligent part,

You’re about to recognize your voice and then switch to ambient sound,

This is a very good feature and

I hope many more companies will raise more

All of this is super simple to install,

You go to the Galaxy Weakables app and right here

You will get the voice that you are sure to hear

Click here to find the voice

How many seconds can you choose between

You start talking and when ambient sound mode is on, remember the buds only detect your voice,

So this feature will speak only when you speak and these are the reasons that are with pro buds.

You can get ambient sound only with the button

You only get active noise cancellation but with Buds Pro

Get both of you and talk about ambient sound and check that you

You can get close sound completely with the button

You can only cancel active noise with Buds Professional

You get each and say a closer voice and make sure you

Ambient sound

Knowing the ambient sound really helps

When you hear about the world

You’re in your buds and wearables app,

If you tap on ambient sound, click your fingers,

You most likely will hear the sound but

You can actually turn on ambient sound.

The use of this small toggle increases the volume further.

If it wasn’t enough or maybe it’s not loud enough.

If you scroll down and click Advanced here, you will see an option that says Hearing enhancement and, if you choose toggle on the maximum ambient sound volume,

Just keep in mind that this setting can be very loud,

Therefore it should be extended and heard.

Ambient Sound is super loud and listens more

Like the beautiful nifty buds in the Galaxy Bud Pro to help

They really focus on environmental sound.

Big deal because

If you open the camera app and slide here for Pro Video, you will see this small option,

Which is what Omni says and this is where you have to select the audio settings for your video,

So here you go to Bluetooth, you can choose to use the option, which is audio from your buds, or

If you choose BT Mix, it will use the microphone on your phone as well as your Bud Pro,

Which means this style is available on YouTube style videos or is great for interview style videos because,

Your buds are essentially acting like lavelier mixes so you can press the record button

You’re standing far away from your phone, and

You can see that it will handle all audio levels thanks to the microphone on the buds.

360 audio

Now, this feature is similar to Apple’s 360 Audio’s spatial audio and looks interesting,

What does this feature do when you put your buttons,

You start to see some material, usually in which direction the audio sound moves

Your head is like this, but with 360 audio

It almost looks like you’re in the room where the audio was actually recorded

Does not fully track its head as if there is still a slight delay

But it’s still very attractive and it’s a good choice

You also have to enable it in a wearable app, so that after watching advanced features and switching to 360 audio, it’s really simple and a great way to test this feature on Netflix. Spotting and checking

It really gives me a good idea

How it works and how specifically it is,

When you come back and hear the voices

You’re weird, but like i said take a look and try it yourself


second tips


shere together


Now, I talk about another cool feature of Galaxy Buds Pro and being able to share the audio of my Galaxy Buds with my friends using the same phone. So what you do is move your galaxy button, your friend’s pair and you can add any galaxy button,

the way they had a professional. There is no need to be, you throw them away and enter. Your ears scan the entire notification panel and click on this small media button, and you will see more pairs of buttons

You literally turn on your pair of friends and now they are connected so you can go ahead and play on your Spotify or Netflix what you want and you are here just to change the volume or you are just using it Volume is subject to change. Switch the volume.

If you click the volume up or down, you will see two pairs of buttons, and if you click on these three points, you will not forget, you will have more options, but again two pairs of buttons are just up. Will be where you can change your quantity.

cool extra features


cool extra features

Some interesting additional features include accessing Spotify by simply clicking and holding on the Spreadables app, if you tap and hold it right here, you can choose to switch to Spotify so that in the future when you can quickly And easily access your Spotify

Whatever you do, click and hold your buttons, and this is where you will see that it will immediately appear and start playing,

Your favorite jams can go ahead and be sure but, this is a pretty cool feature to make sure, if you lost your headphones incorrectly or not because the waiters are not in the app, you can use my headphones You can click and listen, you can directly show the location of your buds, if you click on SmartThings, not only will you see a big map here,

But you can also click this ring button, so you can go ahead and start and tap, your buttons will start playing this chirping sound, which of course makes them very easy to find, also remember Keep it out of your button. If you want to change ear tips for your friends,

this little chirping sound can be reproduced. It is super simple. What’s cool is that they come with a pair of X’s. Depending on the size of the tip, hold the shape of your ear, or whatever is comfortable for you, and you can literally attach the silicone tip. Draw the shape of the second silicone tip that you want and move it slowly, but surely, as you see me.

It really is not difficult for everyone to do here and there is one more thing you can do. In fact, you need to change it a bit if you know of someone who has a bird pro duo and is willing to exchange some tips to make the main features of Galaxy Buds, below Comment Tell me in the section what was your favorite feature and if you liked this art form

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