Galaxy Buds Pro: Top 10 NEW Features!

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samsung has packed a ton of new features into the galaxy buds pro and today we’re gonna be taking a look at the top 10 of those features as well as a couple extras and as always i will have video time codes down in the description so you guys can quickly jump around to find exactly what you’re looking for if you guys appreciate video time codes let me know by dropping a like down

let’s dive deep!

below what’s up guys i’m eric from techasoad tv and i dive deep to find you guys the coolest unknown and hidden features on all the latest tech products if you guys want to see just how deep i dive go ahead and check out my video on samsung’s best kept secret by clicking the link either at the end of this video or in the description

more premimum

down below the first thing i want to point out is not one of the top 10 features but it’s something that i noticed right away when

i took the galaxy buds pro out of the box and that is the build quality of the case for the galaxy buds pro it has been substantially improved over the galaxy buds live and the galaxy buds plus the galaxy buds plus and the galaxy buzz live the case was just really creaky like

you can already hear that right now i’m barely pushing on this and it’s making a creaking sound and the same thing like when you open it it creaks and overall it just feels like

it’s made out of a cheap plastic now the galaxy buds plus themselves feel great these feel premium these feel really good

it’s just the case that they put it in you could tell that they cut a lot of corners to save some money by cheaping out on the case and the same

was true for the galaxy buds live the case just really didn’t feel very premium at all it’s kind of loose it makes a creaking sound when

you move it around your fingers same when you’re opening and closing it it’s really just not the greatest case but with the galaxy buds pro

that’s all been fixed and the case feels much more premium again that’s not one of the top 10 features but i thought it was worth pointing

the woofer/tweeter combo

out now let’s talk about the first cool new feature with the galaxy buds pro and that is the fact that samsung now has two speakers per earbud

so you have a woofer which is for all of your low frequencies and you have a tweeter which is for

all of your high frequencies and when i listen to a few different songs on the galaxy buds plus the galaxy buds live and these galaxy buds pros

i felt like the galaxy bud pros were consistently more clear compared to the other two now

it wasn’t a dramatic difference if you have the galaxy buds plus or the galaxy buzz live and you’re looking at the galaxy buds pro and

you’re expecting this massive increase in sound quality you’re not going to get that it is a little bit of an increase but

it’s nothing mind-blowing so if the only reason you’d want to upgrade to the galaxy buds pro has to do with the sound quality that’s probably not the reason to upgrade however

there’s plenty of other reasons to upgrade that we’re going to cover in this video if

no more plugged ears

you’re coming from the galaxy buds plus one notable new feature on the galaxy buds pro is the addition of an air vent which helps alleviate that plugged ear feeling

that you typically get when you use the galaxy buds plus now the galaxy buds live also have this air vent so if you have those you already know how much of a difference this really makes

wind chamber

another new feature is a multi-part windshield it’s comprised of a mesh outer covering as well as an inner chamber to help dampen any wind noise now i haven’t had a chance to extensively test these out in the wind and compare them to the other buds but when i get a chance to test it i’ll let you guys know if it makes a big

anc finnally works

difference or not speaking of dampening noise samsung finally got active noise cancelling right on the galaxy buds live active noise cancelling was useless

it didn’t do anything you would turn on active noise cancelling and you’d hear almost no difference at all it is so bad on the galaxy buds live that

i thought they were broken i thought that the feature just didn’t work until i looked up a bunch of reviews and i kind of looked it up online and apparently that’s just how they were

that’s just active noise cancelling on the galaxy buds live just wasn’t good even after a bunch of updates

it was pretty useless but i’m happy to say that samsung has finally fixed that with the galaxy buds pro the active noise cancelling on these buds is fantastic it really cuts down a ton of ambient noise for things like airplanes fans or any other kind of

aoto ambient soud

white noise on the opposite side of active noise cancelling is ambient sound mode now ambient sound mode’s been around on galaxy buds for a while now but the

new feature is that you can now have it turn on automatically when you start talking so all you have to do is put your buds in and listen to your favorite music and when someone comes over to have a conversation with you all

you have to do is just start talking and it’ll turn down the volume of your music and turn on ambient sound mode so

you can hear the other person and ambient sound mode is going to stay on until you stop talking for at least 5 10 or 15 seconds depending on how you set

it up and if you don’t want to wait the 5 10 or 15 seconds all you have to do is tap one of the earbuds and you’re right back

better hands free option

into your music the galaxy buds live introduced hands-free bixby where you wouldn’t have to hold one of the earbuds to activate bixby instead all

you’d have to do is say hi bixby and it would just activate however after you set the high bixby command you’d have to wait for

it to acknowledge before you could actually make your request on the galaxy buds pro samsung has given you the option to remove that wait period

so now you can talk more fluidly to bixby and say something like hi bixby turn on the basement lights and it’ll just do

it whereas previously you’d have to wait a second or two for bixby to acknowledge that you want to say something and then say your command it may be a minor improvement but it’s definitely welcomed

awesome feature for hearing impaired

the next new feature is excellent for people who are partially deaf in one ear and this feature allows you to change the left and right balance of the audio so let’s say for example

i was partially deaf in my left ear what i could do is i could push more of the sound to the left earbud

so when i put these two earbuds in it would sound like the same volume on both sides so this will definitely make the listening experience more enjoyable for people who are a bit hearing

let’s go swimming!well,sort…

impaired the water resistance rating for the buds pro has also been increased to ipx7 which means you can hold these under three feet of water for 30 minutes without any damage to the earbuds

that said samsung does advise that you don’t take these swimming at the beach or at a pool but

if these did take a dunk in the water or you’re an ultra sweaty person which is basically like having the buds swimming in your ears you’ll be just fine and

i suppose you could technically take a shower with these in but something about shampoo running over

my wireless earbuds doesn’t really sound like the best idea to me but technically you should be able to get away with

it and just to be clear it’s just the buds themselves that are ipx7 rated the case is not water resistant at all so don’t put this anywhere near

my favorite new feature (aoto switch)

water this next new feature is something i’m really excited about and it’s called auto switch and what it does is it automatically switches from one device to another depending on what you’re doing so for example if you’re watching a movie on your phone and then

you want to switch over to your tablet as soon as you start playing that movie on the tablet the buzz will automatically just connect over to the tablet and let’s say while you’re watching that movie you get a phone call then the buds pro will just switch back over to the phone to take the phone call and when you hang up that call it’ll switch right back over to the tablet now there is one catch with this it only works with samsung devices and those devices have to have one ui 3.1 or higher and

i want to be clear that this is not the same as being able to connect to multiple devices at the same time so for example if you want to connect to both an ipad and your phone at the same time that is not something you can do with these buds because the ipad is not a samsung device real quick if you guys are getting value out of this video let me know by dropping a like down below and consider subscribing and turning on notifications if you want to see more videos

360 audio

just like this the next really cool new feature is the addition of 360 audio and what this does is it creates a virtual environment in which your audio plays what this means is that some of the sounds will sound like they’re in front of you some of the sounds will sound like they’re coming from the sides some behind you some in the corners and so on but when you turn your head the sound is gonna stay in its same relative position so let’s say there was a drum sound and it sounded like

it was coming from right in front of you when you turned your head that drum sound would sound like it was coming from the right this 360 degree audio is something that’s commonly used in virtual reality headsets and if it works even close to as good as it does on my oculus quest 2 then it’s definitely going to be a cool experience now unfortunately there is a caveat with this as well

you do need a samsung device and that samsung device does need to have one ui 3.1 or higher and at the time of making this video none of my samsung devices have one ui 3.1 so i can’t really test this out to tell you guys how well it works but when i do get one ui 3.1 on one of my devices i’ll give it a shot and let you guys know


how it goes the next cool new feature is called multi mic recording and it’s specifically for when you’re recording a video with your phone it allows you to record ambient sounds with your phone and record your voice with the galaxy buds pro so this is particularly useful for people like vloggers who want to set their phone up on a tripod and get kind of far away from it but still want good audio quality for their voice they could just put the buds pro in their ear turn on this multi mic feature and get great ambient sound as well as great

samsung’s best kept secret

sound for their voice so that’s it for the top 10 coolest new features on the galaxy buds pro as

i mentioned earlier if you guys want to see samsung‘s best kept secret on all their latest flagship devices

you can check that out by clicking this link right here and don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications so

you can see the rest of my galaxy buds pro coverage as well as my galaxy s21 ultra coverage coming up real soon that’s it for this episode god bless guys and i’ll catch in the next one


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