How to Add Custom Robot.Txt File on Blogger Blog

How to add custom robot.txt file on Blog? What is Custom Robot.Txt File? and robot for blog. Knowing how to create txt file is very important for every blogger.

With the help of Custom Robot.Txt file, the search engine crawls and indexes your site. And with the help of this, the search ranking of the blog also increases.


So in this post I will tell you about what is custom robot.txt and how to add custom robot .txt file on blog.

With the help of which you can easily put it on your blog.

What is Custom Robot.Txt File

Custom Robot.Txt is a text file, on which there are some lines of code, and it has to be saved on the blog. The Robot.txt file tells the search engine what to index and crawl from your site.

Meaning if you want, with the help of custom robot.txt, you can hide the posts, pages or labels of your blog which is not important from the search engine.

To create a custom robot.txt, you have to create a sitemap for your blog at first . And then the sitemap has to be submitted to the search console as well.

Because the URL of the sitemap has to be added in the Robot.txt file.

How to Create Custom Robot.Txt File for Blogspot Blog

So, Friends, now I assume that you have a sitemap for your blog. And also submitted it to your search console.

So now now we know how to create a custom robot.txt file. But he also has to first know what happens on the robot txt code.

1. User-Agent: mediapartner google

With the help of this code, the search engine hides the ads code of your google adsense. If you do not use google adsense on your blog, then you should leave this code like this.

2. User-Agent: *

There will be many such things on your blog that you do not want to show to visitors. So you leave it disallowed for blog security.


With the help of this code, you can disallow any keyword of your site on the search engine. And if you want, you can hide it by entering the URL of any of your posts or pages or keywords.

4. Allow: On
this you can set what the search engine has to show. If you allow this code to be allowed then it will be best.

5. Sitemap:

Like I told you above that sitemap is very important for robot.txt. Along with giving information about the new post to the sitemap search engine, the number of URLs on the post gives all this information to the search engine.

user-Agent: mediapartners-google
User-Agent: *

Now copy this above code. And on which On this you add the URL of your sitemap.

Now next you have to add this code to your blogger blog.

How to Add Custom Robot.Txt File on Blogger Blog

To add robot.txt code to Blogger, you go to your blog’s dashboard for your blog and then click on Settings > Search Preferences. Then you click on edit in front of custom robot.txt.

Then you click on Yes of enable custom robot.txt content and add the custom robot.txt code on the bottom box and in the last click on save changes.


So friends, finally now the custom robot.txt file has been added to your blog. But still, if you have any problem, then you can tell in the comment box below.


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