Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting Differences 2021

i’m going to be telling you about the key differences between cloud hosting and shared hosting and which type of hosting is better for you specifically

now before we do get into this article i will also leave some links below to both cloud hosting and shared hosting providers that i recommend so

you can check them out at a special discount if you would like and now let’s go ahead and get started now cloud hosting and shared hosting are two separate hosting types or more specifically

you can’t have shared cloud hosting cloud hosting is more of a overarching category which multiple hosting types like vps hosting or shared hosting can fit into now first of all let’s go ahead and

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What is Shared hosting

define shared hosting and then we can go ahead and define cloud hosting and the difference between cloud vps hosting and cloud shared hosting

now share hosting in its most basic form is where your website is hosted on a server with a multitude of other websites sharing the same resources as your website the benefits to this of course are the incredibly cheap price some of the plans going down to as low as 99 cents a month on the really good shared hosting

Shared Hosting vs Managed WordPress Hosting

Downsides of Shared hosting

providers the downside of course is that sometimes if a website is using a lot of traffic or if multiple websites are using more traffic then they are assigned in

your shared server your resources might see a dip and you might have less resources another downside to shared hosting is that usually the uptime although a lot of times it’s way way good enough for anyone who needs a website up sometimes

you know 99.99 uptime might not be good enough for a specific website just depending on the the thing you’re providing and also the latency because usually a shared website is hosted on one singular server

so even though you can pick your your server area if you’re serving people from across the globe the latency can see a drop depending on the areas

What is Cloud hosting

you’re serving now getting into the differences of cloud hosting essentially what cloud hosting is is having your website whatever hosting plan you get whether

that be shared or vps hosting hosted on a multitude of different servers around the globe all synced together and updating in real time what this essentially means is

that your website is virtually never going to go down because you’ve got it hosted in multiple locations so each one of those locations could serve a customer or a client

who requests access to your website another thing which this means is that the latency will usually be much lower because the servers will be located all over the globe

so no matter where someone is accessing the website from it will pick the closest server to them and serve the website from that server now clearly

i’m sure you can see the distinctions between shared and cloud hosting essentially it just depends how much performance

you want cloud hosting or cloud shared hosting is basically just a step up from shared hosting in the performance the latency and the uptime categories basically all

it does is it just improves those categories and improves upon them to make sure that your website is up even more than if you were just holding it and hosting it on a shared

What is the difference between them

hosting plan now getting into the differences between shared cloud hosting and vps cloud hosting essentially as i’m sure

you can figure out share cloud hosting and vps cloud hosting take both either shared or vps hosting and just sync it across multiple data centers for you now

if you do want to check out shared hosting or cloud hosting go ahead and head down to my links below because i have great plans at a special discount linked down below so you can check those out thanks

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