Bluehost VPS Review (2021)

I’m going to be giving you a detailed review of Bluehost’s VPS or virtual private server now I’ll leave a link below if you want to read a more detailed review about this or receive special discounts when you are picking up your own VPS from

now Bluehost is one of my favorite hosting platforms it’s actually in my top three hosting platforms of all time I really do like Bluehost and I highly recommend them to many people but one thing Bluehost offers is a VPS or virtual private server and

they offer this for quite a good price which but the question that a lot of people have is is Bluehost’s VPS a good deal and in general, a lot of people want a review of Bluehost VPS so today I am going to be giving

you that review and explaining what I like and dislike about their virtual private server plan so let’s get right into it

you that review and explaining what I like and dislike about their virtual private server plan so let’s get right into it

What is a VPS

now the first thing we need to cover is what a VPS is and I’m just going to explain that really really quick it’s a virtual private server where you can host your own system

your own computer system basically think of it as you having your own computer except that computer is virtual other than that though you can do pretty much anything

you want on that computer including some highly specific and technical aspects of modifying that server for the best website performance because of this a VPS server is usually only for someone

who knows slightly more about technology than otherwise if you have a slightly bigger business a VPS server can be really good for you but if you really aren’t comfortable with any aspects of technology and hosting and

you’re not willing to put any work in or you don’t have any it manager who can do that for you I wouldn’t recommend a VPS server quite as much

now let’s go ahead and get into the specifics of Bluehost’s VPS and the details about

it and my finalized review are alright so as you can see I am on the Bluehost VPS hosting page and right here they’ve got the plans easily displayed for you so I’m just going to go ahead and take a look at the plans

VPS Plans

real quick with you run you through them and explain now as you can see they start at 18.99 a month so clearly, this is for a bigger business a bigger website with more traffic going to it than just like a shared hosting plan

so the standard 18.99 a month plan comes with two cores 30 gigabytes SSD storage two gigabytes ram one terabyte bandwidth and one IP address the enhanced plan comes with two cores 60 gigabytes SSD storage 4 gigs ram 2 terabytes bandwidth and 2 IP addresses and the ultimate for around 60 bucks a month comes with 4 cores 120 gigabytes storage 8 gigabytes ram three terabytes bandwidth and two IP addresses now all of these plans as you can tell are a substantial step up from the shared hosting plans the reason being is you essentially have your own private server on which you can host your website

now it isn’t a physical server you can basically think of it as a piece of an actual physical server but it’s a virtual share or stake of that server that no one else can use because of this all the features

I just read off like the number of cores the amount of storage and the amount of ram is yours that is your part of the server which you do own for that amount per month

you also have the ability to do way more advanced customization than you would normally on a shared plan

How does it compare to other VPS Services

now Bluehost compared to other VPS servers they have excellent uptime excellent support and very competitive pricing

they’re actually endorsed by the WordPress team for their hosting which is a pretty impressive feat now the pricing model is pretty comparable to other hosting plans on the market other VPS hosting plans and one nice thing about Bluehost’s plan in specific is that they specify that

you are getting an SSD drive you also have plenty of bandwidth and 100 managed support on your plan with Bluehost because you are guaranteed the storage

it’s very good to ensure that your website is consistently running fast now the hardware on which Bluehost does run their servers is also very good and up to date

so you’re not going to be lacking on the hardware aspect of things another nice aspect of Bluehost is once you’ve outgrown your VPS hosting plan you can easily migrate to a cloud hosting plan or a dedicated server once

you’ve outgrown the number of resources that these plans offer so if you are planning to go big you’re not going to actually have to switch hosting companies because Bluehost also offers a multitude of other larger plans if you do need them

now Bluehost is also a very good entry-level hosting website what I mean by this is you’re not gonna have to unless you want to deal with as many technical aspects as maybe other hosts would have Bluehost usually aims to make their plans as easy to use and just straightforward as possible this is a benefit because a lot of people when they’re first buying their hosting plan

they’re gonna get in over their head because they aren’t prepared to deal with all the advanced features

which comes with Bluehost even though they do have all the same advanced features as every other host they provide them in an easier manner making

it better for you and easier for you to know how to set up your website on their VPS server overall and just to recap I really do like Bluehost’s VPS Bluehost is in

my top three hosting websites of all time and I highly recommend them to anyone I work with I have personal clients who do work on and

they all have great feedback for the hosting company Bluehost’s VPS is no different than the rest of their plans in the quality and top of the line performance

which it provides well thank you so much for reading if you do have any questions for me just drop them in the comments and

I’ll be sure to respond also just a reminder that I do have a link right down if you want to check out more details about this or maybe receive special discounts well thank you for reading till next time and have a great day

Bluehost VPS Review (2021)

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