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[Sticky] Forum Rules & Guidelines

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Questions & Answers Guidelines:

  • Questions and answers should be clearly written with correct spelling, punctuation, grammar.
  • Questions and answers should not be used to promote a business or service or for solicitation.
  • Questions should encourage answers that provide explanation and should be as open-ended as possible.
  • Moderators may delete questions and answers at any time.
  • Questions that are created to attract spam content are considered spam and may be deleted. The user's account may be blocked or banned for repeatedly violating this policy.

Rules To Follow:

  • All members with less than 3 stars badge are NOT allowed to share links.
  • Articles and small topics should include the reference links from where they were brought. If they were copied the same, then they are not allowed.
  • Answers with just a link to follow are not allowed.
  • Signatures that contain a link to promote something are not allowed for anyone who has less than 3 stars.
  • All spam is not allowed.
  • Answers not related to the topic should be removed.
  • Answers with any bad words must be removed. 


If anything is unclear, feel free to ask any questions under this topic here.