7 Tips & Tricks for your samsung Note 20 Ultra

samsung Note 20 Ultra






tip 1 magnify contact with s pen

moment and talk about some of the things you may not know that

it can do going back to accessibility when

i was first using note devices i showed them to my dad who loved them because of the screen size and

how large text was presented well

if you’re someone who needs a bit more help

these days seeing

what’s on screen the s pen can magnify content with the s pin out choose the magnify shortcut then

you’ll get this box on the screen which magnifies whatever is inside of

it you can choose the magnification level and when

you’re finished just click on the magnification settings boxes x to

tip 2 s pan unlock & remote

close it as pin unlock this allows you to press the button on the s pin to unlock the phone when the s pin is not inside its silo this is a fast way to bypass biometric or pin unlocks once

you place the s pen back in its silo your other unlock methods will resume their default functionality the s pen also makes for a great remote i went into the air actions in

my review my full review of the note 20 ultra but the button on the s pen also works wonders as a remote shutter button for your note 20s camera

you can click the button to take single shots hold the button down for burst mode or double click to switch between the front and rear cameras you can also hold the button and swipe in the air either left or right to change

tip 3 pin windows for privacy

camera modes moving away from the s pen but talking about a different type of pin if your nosey auntie wants to use your phone to call someone but

you don’t want her going through anything else on your phone like your photo gallery did you know that you can pin an app to the screen so that that’s the only app

which can be used without biometrically unlocking your phone go into the settings and turn on pin windows also turn on ask for pattern before unpinning

when you do this and want to unpin the phone will default to your unlocked preference

tip 4 nearby shere

something new to the note 20 ultra and android devices like google’s pixel is nearby share that’s basically airdrop for android tap the tile and go into its settings menu and set the appropriate privacy settings for yourself then share to

your heart’s content when you select nearby share anyone who also has the feature will pop up in your list of people to share to [Music]

tip 5 lock screen and fingerprint option

next let’s get the most out of that fingerprint unlocked open settings go to lock screen shortcuts and select floating button

while there you can also change the app shown on your lock screen to whatever you want with the floating button turned on you’re going to long press the fingerprint button and once your phone unlocks

you’ll be presented with the two apps you have set in your shortcuts simply drag your finger to one to launch it and

tip 6 unlock more speed

for my penultimate tip speed up that android this won’t affect your battery life and makes the phone feel even faster than it is and for all the money

i paid for this phone i needed to fill f1 fast open up about phone then tap on software information then build number tap on that a few times

that will unlock developer mode once

that’s unlocked go back out to menu settings and

you’ll see a last menu now titled developer options go in there and go to the drawing category or

if you watch simon the draw ring category and change the window transition and animator scales to 0.5 x now your windows

and animations are going to be super snappy don’t mess with anything else in that developer menu though consider yourself warned

tip 7 password manager

for my last tip, this is the first thing you should do when setting up your new note 20 or 20 ultra look many of us in the tech space have been telling you for years to use a password manager

you need only remember one master password and you can then access all of your other passwords without having to remember all of them does this sound like

you I recently had a family member tell me they were afraid to

update their phone or update apps on their phone because

if it logged them out of their apps they didn’t know the passwords and would have to forgot password a ton of apps

i know this may sound silly to some of you tech savvy folks but

this isn’t the first time i’ve heard of someone not wanting to update a phone or apps because they don’t know the passwords

i think this is probably more prevalent than we think of course

if you were using a password manager this would be a non-issue why am i including this on a note 20 tips and tricks because

if you’ll take the time to use this now when you upgrade to the new phone

you’ll simply use the password manager to auto fill all of your user names and passwords signing you automatically back into all of

your apps it is such a time saver you’ll be offering me up your

first board like my name was rumpelstiltskin so there’s so much more we can get into we can do two three four videos on all the different things the note

can do uh it does so much and we generally only use a fraction of it but if you have any tips that are your favorites things

you’d like to share leave those in the comments below sharing is caring it takes a village to raise a smartphone let’s all help each other out and share those tips

my name is tashako armstrong this has been reviews.org no 20 tips tricks thank you for watching see you on the next video

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