6 ALEXA TIPS and USES! Do MORE with the Echo!

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Next, my biggest smart home advice is if you live with someone who is not into technology, then name them smart devices in the home.

If you want a happy home,

you don’t want your partner naming devices they’ll never remember. You will be constantly asked what the name of Prakash is, because he was disappointed for the last five minutes, because he does not remember the name. Just name them devices,

things they will remember, it will make your life easier. My wife never forgets the name of her bed light. He named it, My Light. He named my lights as Craig’s lights.

She does not hate the materials and the smart lights in the room. Also she can just walk in the room and say the lights on or off

theater mode echo and fire tv

theater mode echo and fire tv

because I created the device groups mentioned earlier in the video. The next tip improves the sound of your TV by connecting an Echo and Fire TV together.

You can add a single Echo or a pair of Echos to the Fire TV 4K or Fire TV Cube using theater mode.

If you want to take advantage of the Fire TV 4K and Dolby Atmos sound of the Fire TV Cube,

you can pair it with a single Echo Studio or a pair of studios. Whatever you watch on your Fire TV, it will automatically use those Echos for your sound.

But something to think about is that if you change something and watch or play a game on some other source,

it is going to use the TV speakers and not the Echoes. Only the Fire TV will pass audio to the paired Echos.


tip 3 netflix


This next tip is for a new media service that was added.

Until a while ago you had some streaming services that you could stream on Echo shows, such as Prime Video and Hulu,

but now you have Netflix.

You can ask to open Netflix or say Open Video Home to see other video options, but then you log into Netflix and get access to personal profiles.

This is the Netflix you will see on other devices. I think this is not limited like some of the other streaming options on the Echo Show.

Now it is one of the streaming services that you do not go into the app to sign.

tip 4 announcements


When you launch it you log right into Netflix, and then it keeps you logged in and you’re ready to go. This feature probably exceeds being used in my home,

it is announced. We use announcements to send messages to our daughters, as much as we use drop ins. This is great for connecting one echo to another,

but the connection time is slow. So we use declarations because they are fast. When announcements are used throughout the house,

do not enjoy negotiating with my wife and declaring a meal. Then my daughter will ask what we are eating back with her announcement.

My wife would reply back with another announcement and then back and forth. – [Alexa] Announcement (Beep) – Can we stop interacting through announcements. Nobody has to come down the stairs, nobody has to go down the stairs.

It is quite annoying at times,

tip 5 energy dashboard

energy dashboard

but it is effective. Amazon has recently announced a new energy dashboard. This dashboard tells you how much estimated power you are using. It will show you the usage of electricity by week or month.

Alexa takes the lights he recognizes and is aware of for energy, and then calculates the energy usage for those individual lights. For lights that do not recognize you,

you must enter the information necessary for a more accurate estimate of energy usage. I like that Amazon is trying to make people more aware of the actual energy usage for smart devices in the home.

bonus your privacy

bonus your privacy


Now the bonus and an important tip is to check the privacy settings in the app. So you know what data you are sharing. Under Alexa privacy,

you can review your voice history,

review the history of detected sounds, manage smart home device history, manage skill permissions, and manage your Alexa data. .

Actually you look at the Alexa data side of things and you can choose whether you want to enable deletion by voice. You can choose what happens to your recording.

In the Smart Home Device History, select how long to save the recording, how long you choose to save the history for those devices.

What sounds were detected? There are a lot of options out there and I think it is good to go through these different settings under different categories as to what data is being shared and your choice of what is a better idea as to what happens with it.

But there are more options than ever before. What would be your favorite tip to give to another Echo user? Let us know in the comment section. Now,

if you have made it this far, please give this video a thumbs up, it helps to be recommended for more people. Watch this video here for some more great Echo and Alexa information.

I’ll see you over there. thanks for watching. Bye

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