5 ALEXA TIPS and USES! Do MORE with the Echo!

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Amazon Echos are great tools that are so capable and are constantly being updated to the point that it can be overwhelming in trying to maintain and detect them all. So here are 5 Echo and Alexa tips and uses,

let’s take a look. Now these are not in any particular order and on the basis that some services or facilities are not available in your area. I’m sharing some of my tips, so please share any suggestions you’ve mentioned in the comments section for other viewers,

for more smart home videos and some great smart home kits that I put together on Amazon, Be sure to check the description for. Finally I will share a bonus tip for your privacy. The first tip is to use time-based automation. I love automation running at different times of the day.

Especially sunset and sunrise. The lights in my living room come half an hour before sunset. They leave at 11:00, then they come in the morning because the alarm goes off and then at 8:00 we stop without doing anything.

It is time for these routines to trigger changes throughout the year in the form of sunset and sunrise crosses. These types of automations are great because they are liquid and feel the same all the time. The lights are not coming on too late or too soon.

The time base routine is great for turning off lights that can be left on all day that would be my staircase and living room. But 8:00 morning routine goes out of the light and my wallet wins so thanksgiving routine. Think of other smart devices that can trigger a time-based routine in your home.

tip 1 device groups

device groups

I think this next tip is a requirement for your smart home. This tool is forming a group. You can take all the smart devices and Echoes in a room and create a group for that room. To create a group, go to Devices in the app, press the plus sign in the right-hand corner,

choose Add a Group. Here you get a description of some of the groups you can create. We want to create an instrument group, then follow the prompts.

When you make this group, when you walk into a room, you can say lights and the echo that hears you will know

which lights you are referring to and turn them on. When you say the light is off, it only knows to turn off the light that has an eco room.

Alexa turns off the light. If you have multiple echoes in a room and a group, you can choose the music you want to play when you play some music. Note something, you can only put Eko in one room. In this way it is known with which devices it is placed in a space.

Accessories You can place them in multiple rooms paired with different echoes. Before we continue with the list, let’s talk about today’s sponsor NordPass and we need to think about our digital security.

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A great feature is NordPass being able to easily share your password with family and friends. Another great feature is the data breech tool that will scan to see if your information has been leaked online. The time has come to get a password manager and protect yourself.

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tip 2 speaker groups

speaker groups

but in a hurry, the deal expires on 25 February. Now one of my favorite suggestions is the speaker group. Speaker groups allow you to listen to your music, podcasts, or audiobooks in multiple echoes at the same time. You can create different groups of Echoes.

tip 3 smart plugs as lights

smart plugs as lights



I have a group, groups everywhere for the office, downstairs and all the echoes. If I want to listen to music I would say “Alexa, play classical music on my office group” – [Alexa] playing classical music from Apple Music in the office group. –

Now it is playing on this two echoes which are in the group. I can also ask to play stuff like my audiobook downwards in my Echo Group. To set it up, go into the app, select the devices, click on the plus sign, then click Combine Speaker,

here you click the option to create a multi-room music group. Then you select the echos you want to group. Choose a name for the group and you’re done. You will say what you play in the name of the group you have created.

Alexa Mer Runner up. – One of the things I don’t like now is that you can’t change the music playing one group to another group. If you are listing the playlist, it will start the playlist on the new group you have called. I like that with Nest Speakers and HomePods

you can add devices to the already playing music or move the music to another device group. A great tip for the next smart home is being able to respond to the smart plug as if it were a light.

tip 4 motion sensors

motion sensors

If you have created groups like mine given in the first tip, a smart plug is not going to come on or off when you ask to turn the lights on or off. But if you go into the app, select the devices, click on the plug, click on the plug you want,

click on the gear for the plug’s settings, finally change the type from plug to light. Now if you go under the devices, the plug is now considered a light. So when you say turn off the light, it will turn off the plug as if it were a bulb.

It is very convenient to comb lamps with smart plugs and smart bulbs in the same room. Next uses motion sensors to trigger scenes or lights. I have a Philips Hue motion sensor here that triggers the lights to come into this room between 4:00 and midnight. They stop for half an hour and then stop on their own. Sometimes you leave in the dark if it stops after that half an hour. But motion sensors are easier and faster than using my voice to call a smart light every time.

With the motion sensor I just walk into the room and everything comes. Unfortunately at this time there are not many options for motion sensors that work with Alexa. Most motion sensors that are compatible with Alexa require a ZigBee hub.

The new Echo and previous versions of the Echo

Plus, the Echo Show 10 and Studio, have ZigBee hubs built into them or Alexa will recognize other ZigBee hubs such as SmartThings and Hue Hubs. A very inexpensive way to connect sensors is to get a


waze cam and add their $ 20 sensor kit that includes a motion sensor. So for less than $ 50 you get a motion sensor, two door sensors, a small hub that plugs into the camera and the camera is not a bad deal.

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