5 Tips & Tricks for your Note 20 Ultra

Samsung Note 20 Ultra

tip number 1

Pink color Galaxy S21, violet color S21+, and black S21 Ultra are standing with showing their rear sides. And they are slightly overlapped.

fast setup on a new device let’s begin with samsung smart smartthings now this isn’t exclusive to the note 20 but this is all about getting the most out of your phone when you’re setting up for the first time using this app will help you migrate all of your old data to your new phone in no time so you can spend more time playing with and learning all the cool things your phone can do so to do this the easiest way get yourself a micro sd card put it in your old device if it supports it back up all of your data to the card itself then place that card into your new note 20 [Music] and restore the data from there

tip number 2

There are three different images of black color Galaxy S21+ device. On the upper left side, the image is focused on the rear camera of S21+ device. On the upper right side image, three black S21+ devices are standing upright, one standing front, one standing back, and the other is standing side. The lower image, it is showing the camera and side metal of S21+.

next up let’s make the most of those cameras the note 20 has some excellent cameras and camera software so I’m going to start by showing you

how to get the most out of the first up let’s get you set up properly if you use a feature often like night mode you can make getting to

it much quicker than having to move to the right to the more menu and then picking from that when in the camera app go to more and then tap on the pencil icon on the lower right once

you do that you can add whatever features you want to the quick pick camera modes now with that out of the way let’s talk single take has changed

this go around from previous versions by allowing you to control how long the single take lasts for

you can set it for anywhere from five to 15 seconds and those of you creating profile pictures for job sites and professional sites like LinkedIn

there’s a color picking portrait mode that changes the background of your front-facing portrait photo but it isn’t user adjustable here are my results on their website Samsung shows you this

so your mileage may vary as you use the feature when I first tried using this feature I loved the idea and it does work but I just wish it was

tip number 3

better executed at a birthday party and want to ensure you get the best possible audio when someone blows out the candles on the cake maybe

you’re at a bar or other loud environment and want to send someone a quick video message and want to be sure they can hear you jump into pro video mode then hit the audio icon in the lower left hand corner of the display

now you can choose where the phone picks up audio from the mics on the front or on the rear of the phone you can also choose omni which means

they’ll pick up audio all around you the only caveat here is that the front facing camera is not available in pro video mode so you’ll have to do a little bit of wrist yoga to send a message to a friend with

you on camera just make sure the audio is set to rear

tip number 4

when you do that and while you’re in pro mode how many times have you seen people zoom into something on video like this that snap zoom well what

if i told you that you could do a smooth zoom in pro mode you can do just that by going to the zoom function in pro video mode and using the new zoom slider it will allow

you to perform a really slow and dramatic zoom or you can still perform that oft used snap zoom while you’re in pro video mode playing with the zoom take the time to familiarize yourself with the iso shutter speed manual focus and white balance settings and

how they can change your picture quality it really can make a difference when you’re taking a picture or video in less than ideal conditions and

want a little extra oomph to adjust the image and get the best possible video or picture

tip number 5

now let’s get out from behind the lens and take a look at some other things what if your world works a little differently than mine i mean in terms of something like your ability to hear content i’m here for you and have a tip that i think

you’ll get some benefit from live transcriptions this is actually a google feature and works pretty well on video content on your phone here’s

how it works slide the notification shade down look on the quick settings panel for a tile labeled live caption and tap on it a small black box will pop up with the text from the audio live as it happens pretty neat and

if you want to turn it off just tap on the icon again in the quick settings panel and since we’re talking about differences in


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