10 Best Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks

10 Best Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks

tip 1

dark mode is Galaxy Note 8


Instant dark mode – apply a dark theme mode so you can better read an important combination of on / off buttons in low light or at night with increasing volume. This makes your eyes a lot less stressed and actually looks great in some apps like email, SMS, Samsung Notes etc. The only downside is that it will not work very well with apps that have photos because it completely changes color, its negativity and that is really terrible when it comes to photos on Instagram or Facebook.

tip 2

Customize the Galaxy Note 8 vibration pattern


Change the vibration pattern: never miss a notification again. Customize the Galaxy Note 8 vibration pattern. You can actually change the pattern to a more aggressive vibration type. In the sound and vibration settings, you can go to the vibration pattern and change it to your liking.


tip 3

When it detects that you are in your car when it connects to your car audio Bluetooth


Dual App Sound: The Galaxy Note 8 essentially allows you to play something on your Bluetooth device and something else on the phone’s speaker. So you can use your music app like Spotify to play a playlist on your Bluetooth speaker, just like anyone else who watches YouTube videos with connected headphones.


tip 4

displayed settings


Notification reminder: it’s as simple as it looks. You can enable a notification to be displayed again if you have not joined that notification within a specific time frame. This way, you will definitely not lose any unread information.


tip 5

unlock the screen, set up


Block accidental ringing: if you have a simple swipe to unlock the screen, you are likely to inadvertently unlock the screen and dial in your pocket, unexpected meaningless messages coming out, and so on. To avoid this, you can actually enter such a setting and enable the idle ringing accidental setting.


tip 6

Dual Messenger



Dual Messenger: Finally, if you want to use two on the same smartphone, you don’t need the app to clone your messaging app. Samsung allows you to do this basically using a setting called Dual Messenger. You can go here and when you have compatible apps, they will appear here, allowing you to create duplicates. And you can have 2 WhatsApp accounts or 2 Messenger accounts on the same phone.


tip 7

Smart lock: Although security


Smart lock: Although security is important all the time, your smartphone can be programmed to lock automatically when you are at home and have no potential stings. And to do this, you simply enter Smart Lock and configure it so that your Note 8 understands that you are in a safe zone and the screen lock can pass. There are a few ways to do this:

Samsung Secure Folder: Hide or protect your important documents, videos, images, music and applications by activating the Samsung Secure Folder application. You can protect your documents, applications and other types of media files and protect them using your fingerprint, eye scan or password / PIN.


tip 8

lock screen setting


Notification and face widget: your lock screen is capable of showing lots of information so you don’t have to unlock the screen forever. Other than that, it looks really cool. So if you want to check your schedule for the day or the next alarm or control the music player on the lock screen itself, you can do much more. Just go to settings, notification and lock screen and click on the info and face widget. Then click on the Face Widget and you can see all of these options here.


tip 9

S Pen features


And you can add little information, like your name or any text you want to display, by typing here.
Add S Pen features to Air Command: There are some S Pen features that really help you do more with the Galaxy Note 8 than any other phone can – at least, not so easily. Go ahead and add some things like – Bixby Vision, Magnification, Glance and Translation.


tips 10


S Pen touch features


These are very useful tools that you may need at any time. For example. If you are looking for something that attracts your attention and want to know what it is – just use your S Pen, touch the bixby view and rotate it on the object – Bixby will do its magic and make you Tell what it is. Likewise, for other tasks, you can simply slide the S Pen and do what it does.

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