08 Best Profitable Blog Topics In English

nowadays everyone wants to do blogging. And want to earn money from your blog. If you are reading this post then you too must be thinking of starting blogging? And searching Topics for your blog.

So you are reading the correct post. Because on this post I will tell you about some of the best profitable blog topics. On which you can earn good money online by starting blogging.

08 Best Profitable Blog Topics In english

Many bloggers start blogging without thinking about anything. And blogging on any topic. But if you want to make your career in blogging seriously then you should not do this.

Because blogging is not like a shop. Where you will put the same once and only after selling it you will bring more goods. You have to do this continuously. Only then will you be able to earn good money through blogging.

But still, New English bloggers are very confused and think which is the best topic for blogging, or in which topic one should blog.

So I have brought some such topics for you, which you can choose for your English blog.

1. Blogging Guide

Like I told you above that these days people who do blogging are increasing. If you want to share information about blogging and blogging on your blog, then you can make blogging your blog writing topic.

And you can also call Blogging topic a Best English Blog Topic. Because you can do blogging business for a long time.

And you can earn millions of money by sitting at home.

2. Vlogging Guide

Like, people are increasing in blogging. This. Even from Vlogging i.e. video, people are earning well these days. And many people also want to start their channel on YouTube.

So if you know how to make a channel on YouTube, how to make the video, how to upload, and whom to monetize your channel. Even if you guide on your blog about this, you will get good traffic for your blog and you can also earn good online.

3. Technology

Every day some new technical things are released in the world. That’s why technology is also a best English blogger topic.

And people are also very interested in knowing about new technology.

So if you create a technology blog, you will share related articles of technology on it. That is, even if you tell about new or current technology every day on your blog, you can make your blogging regular. And you can earn good money through your blog Affiliate Marketing and Ads.

4. Foods

Food is a very important thing for everyone. And everyone likes to eat different types of foods.

You can create your own food blog and give information about different types of foods in it. For example, Indian foods, Chairish foods, American foods, Italian foods, etc. f

Which people will know about new recipes. And they will visit your blog every day to get information about new recipes.

And with a food blog, you can do affiliate marketing, Adsense, Paid Promotion, etc. Through this, you can earn online.

5. Health Tips

You can also call Health Tips the best topic for blogging. Because by creating a health blog, you can always earn money by blogging. So you can also call it a Best english Evergreen Topic .

If you are a doctor or student who is studying doctor then you know a lot about health.

Therefore Health Blog will be the most profitable blog topic for you.

If you start a health blog and share health-related information on your blog, then you can earn millions online sitting at home.

6. Beauty & Fashion Tips

Fashion and beauty are a trading topic for every time, that is, everyone who is of teenage. He would like to know about how to do fashion, style,

If you start a beauty or fashion blog and share information about it in it, then you will not even need to promote your blog.

Because this is an evergreen topic, which you can get a lot of traffic on your blog for free. And you can also earn good money from your website.

7. Traveling Guide

Everyone has to travel, whether it is for work or some other reason. People travel every day.

In such a situation, if you like to travel, then you should create a travel blog and write about traveling on it.

Share information about the place where you will travel on Travel Blog. And in this, you will have the advantage that you will not need to search the topic in it.

Therefore, Traveling Guide Niche is also called the Best topic for a blog.

8. Motivation

Motivation is also the best blogging niche. If you create a Motivation blog and put content that motivates people on it, then your blog becomes popular very quickly.

And the CPC of Motivation Keyword in Google Adsense is also very high. That’s why you can earn online for a long time even though a motivation blog.

So, friends, these were some Blogging Ideas in English. And you can start blogging by creating a blog on these topics. And you can also earn money online sitting at home.

Finally, now you don’t forget to tell me the best blog topics in English

, did you find this information, and in which topic are you thinking of starting blogging?

And if you have any questions then tell me in the comment box below. I will be glad to help you.

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